“Thank God They Were Caught!”

Press Release of World Muslim Congress (WMC), adapted by The Muslim Observer

Dallas, Texas—The World Muslim Congress (WMC) has expressed relief at the arrest of suspected members of a terrorist cell in Canada.

In a statement released today, the WMC expressed its shock and disappointment in learning about the young members of the Muslim community who are accused of planning terror attacks on fellow citizens in Canada. “We, the Muslims of the World Muslim Congress, condemn this terrorist activity and urge the Muslim community around the world to report suspicion of any such activity to their respective Governments. We invite citizens of the world to join together in identifying the sources of terrorist plots and helping our respective governments and international agencies uproot terrorism.”

Muslim leadership from different communities spoke on the issue:

“Thank God these men were stopped before they could carry out their alleged plot. We would like to commend the RCMP for preempting this action by apprehending the suspects.”—Niaz Salimi, President of the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC)

“Muslims need to recognize that the agenda of these extremists is a cult of hate and fascism, not one of advocacy for the their community.‚” —Tarek Fatah, Communications Director of Muslim Canadian Congress.

“We hope that the criminals and their network will be hunted down and punished to the fullest extant of the law. The World Muslim Congress is thankful to Almighty God that the alleged extremists were caught and urges the Muslim community to actively seek to expunge extremists in our communities, recognizing that “saving one life is like saving the entire humanity‚” as our Prophet (s) and our Holy books urge us to do.—Mike Ghouse, President, World Muslim Congress.

“United Muslims of America Interfaith Alliance joins the WMC in condemning the alleged terrorist activities that were being planned in Canada. We urge Canadian Muslims and Muslims all over the world to come forward and alert the activities of terrorist groups who urge violence on other people.”—Iftekhar Hai, President, United Muslims of America Interfaith Alliance, California — www.Uma.net

“Muslims must realize that indiscriminate violence is both un-Islamic and counter productive. The best way to improve the condition of Muslims worldwide is to bring peace not more violence.”—Dr. Muqtedar Khan, leading proponent of ijtihad.

“These terrorists have no authority to represent Islam or commit crimes in behalf of Islam; they are traitors to their religion and their country.”—Claudia G. S. Martins, World Muslim Congress interfaith advisor for Latin America/Brazil

“Terrorism is not just a problem for the USA or Canada but it is a menace for the entire human race. The international community should act together to foil the evil designs of terrorists, who are out to create chaos and discord, and resolve to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, and that includes state sponsored terrorism.”—Ashraf Abbasi, Chair, Pakistan American Congress.

“American Muslim Forum is deeply disturbed, shocked and condemns the alleged planned terrorist activities in Canada. We dissociate ourselves with any individuals or groups claiming to represent us or our religion with their alleged heinous plans and hope they will bear the just full brunt of law.”—Dr. Mohammad Khalid, President, American Muslim Forum.

The World Muslim Congress joins Muslims around the world in unequivocally condemning the very idea of terrorism. Terrorism is a negation of the peace and justice which are deeply rooted tenets of Islam. We invite and urge all Muslims to follow the practices enjoined by Islam, to resist oppression of all types and most of all terrorism. Terrorism saps the strength of people to bring about justice, peace and harmony.

The World Muslim Congress is in its formative stages with the specific purpose of creating an inclusive platform for a serious dialogue to lead to a better world for all human beings. It has been functioning as American Muslim Agenda for the last two years.

Contact information: Mike Ghouse, President; World Muslim Congress; 3928 Brazos Drive, Carrollton, TX 75007; (214) 325-1916; E-mail address MikeGhouse@gmail.com


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