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5 Ways to Practice Earth Day All Year Long!

By Nidah Chatriwala, TMO

In honor of Earth Day, many organizations united this week to exemplify environment friendly activities.

As Muslims, it’s our responsibility to treat every living thing with care.

“To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth. And enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs” 004.171.

So gather up your family, friends and neighbors, and practice the following five ways to maintaining the health of our dear planet Earth.

1.    Save water and energy by controlling water usage and unplug electronics that aren’t in use.
2.    Keep our streets and sidewalks clean by throwing trash in the right bins as garbage can harm our plants, soil and even the air we breathe.
3.    Carpool with friends and co-workers to save on gas. Your planet will thank you for it.
4.    Reduce your food miles by growing vegetables and fruits in your own backyard.
5.    Take a reusable grocery bag instead of plastic one.

Let’s do our part and go green today!


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