A Blessed Night of Giving at the ICD; Syria: A Nation in Need

By Noor H. Salem

The crisis in Syria seemed to decrease in the media talk, but it definitely did not leave the hearts of thousands in this country. On Friday evening of January 17th, over 400 community members came together to hear Dr. Mohamad Rateb Al-Nabulsi give words of gem, thanks to the Shaam Foundation and the Syrian American Council. He visited many masjids across the country, giving his words of wisdom, touching the hearts of the listeners, and ending with a fundraising for those desperately in need. His lecture did not focus on fundraising, but instead gave tidbits of our purpose in life. He reminds the audience of the fact many forget in their day to day routine: how temporary our lives are. Forgetting one’s death makes one a fool, for no matter how much one accumulates in this life, whether it’s wealth or status, death is the end of the road for all.  “Hasan said: “Human beings are composed of few days, and whenever one day goes, part of this human goes away.” He went on to discuss the benefits of seeking knowledge, beneficial knowledge that is. People’s heart poured out into giving those who are urgently in need in Syria.


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