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A Muslim Endorsement for Obama

Press Release


National Association of Muslim American Women endorses Barack Obama for President of the United States of America

Columbus Ohio, 10/12/08 – Today the National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW), the United State’s only conservative pro-family, pro-life Muslim Women’s organization is pleased to announce its endorsement of candidate Barack Obama for President of the United States.

Throughout the presidential campaign we have watched and listened as both candidates have sought to capture the imaginations of the American people, and to present their proposals and vision for our country. We congratulate both candidates for their efforts, their personal sacrifices, and thank them both for their love of country, and commitment to making the United States of America a better place.

Our decision to endorse Obama is based largely on the consensus of the Muslim American community, and our belief that he is the candidate that best expresses our hopes for substantive change in our government. His position on the Iraq war, and his support for bottom up solutions to our current economic crisis also suggests to us that Obama understands that solutions for Wall Street do not automatically translate into solutions for average Americans who are struggling from day to day to make ends meet. His strong and consistent stand against the Iraq war, and his belief in diplomacy as a first choice, and his willingness to talk to leaders of disparate views, shows us that he is able to make wise judgments and to stand up to the mob when it comes to deciding between what is best for our country, and the passions of political factions.

Obama’s proposal for a jobs creation program that would focus on rebuilding our country’s crumbling infrastructure also impressed us. Perhaps part of the trillion dollars that has been dedicated to our country’s economic crisis will be used to for this purpose.

As a conservative women’s organization, it was very difficult for us to endorse a liberal that is pro-choice over a pro-life conservative candidate. This decision resulted mostly from McCain’s refusal to reign in Sarah Palin, and to distance himself from her divisive rhetoric, and hateful attacks on Obama’s character based upon pure circumstance. To date Palin has failed to prove that Obama’s presence on the same Boards, or that his same political associations as a controversial figure from our country’s past, means that Obama shared this person’s past political views, or played any role in that person’s actions.

In our opinion, the Republican Party, and conservatives of all brands should reject hate mongering as campaign strategy.

Reported links between the controversial Clarion Fund, Israel right wing organizations, and the MC Cain campaign, and the production and distribution of the very offensive anti-Muslim DVD “Obsession” also led to our endorsement of Obama. McCain never sought to distance his campaign from this project, which was led in part by controversial Pastor, and McCain endorser John Hagee. This failure to distance his campaign and to denounce this hateful DVD seemed to suggest that he did not want the Muslim vote, and was not concerned with the feelings or rights of Muslim Americans.

Obama’s stubborn focus on unity and change impressed us. He has remained steadfast in pursuit of unity in the face of some of the most racist and divisive rhetoric that has ever colored a presidential campaign in this country. This suggests to us that Barack Obama has the right stuff to lead our country through what will likely be turbulent times ahead.

We pledge our support to his candidacy, and his Presidency, and pray that God will bless him with the wisdom, courage and humility that will be required to unite and to heal our country, and to set us aright. With this prayer, and trust and faith in God, the National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) endorses Barack Hussein Obama for the Presidency of the United States of America. May God bless, protect and guide him.

We call upon all Muslims eligible to vote, to cast their vote this November for Barack Obama, and to stand with him, even in times of doubt and difficulty.


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