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A Party of Pedophiles and Alcoholics

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah

Now you may say that one should not use Congressman Foley’s case to describe the Republican party as one that gives protection to pedophiles and alcoholics.

But perhaps we should question the integrity of the Republicans on this case–apparently Foleys’s case has been in the knowledge of some of the most powerful Republican leaders for quite some time; had it not been for a media report exposing his emails, Foley would still be enjoying the privileges and protection of high office and access to the inner sanctum of the Republican party. After all, the same Republican leaders who are describing this as an isolated case were shouting from the top of their lungs that Islam is a religion of terror and violence because of the actions of 19 of its adherents on 9/11.

If we look at the record of the Republican party, we find that a great majority of its leaders adopted a very hostile attitude towards Islam and Muslims in America. They uttered slanders against Islam and Muslims.

But now they want a pass. How do we know that other Republican leaders in the House or legislative assemblies are not involved in the repugnant behavior displayed by Foley? How do we know that other Republican congressmen are not misusing their influence, power and prestige to seduce the American boys and girls working as pages or on their staffs?

As citizens, we must voice outrage at the debauchery that was displayed by Congressman Foley and demand that other congressmen make their records clear.

We don’t want to be represented by individuals who are least concerned about the values they try to talk about before elections. The Republican leadership presents itself as one that upholds moral values. This stand motivated many Muslims to support its candidates even though on social justice issues, they often feel attracted to the Democratic party.

The Foley case has shaken the moral foundation of the party. What is even more repugnant is the way the Republican leadership is responding to the issue.

For almost one year, they did not do anything. They allowed Foley to campaign for his seat again. They helped him raise funds. They, bizarrely, allowed him to lead the congressional committee on sexual safety of children.

How could they have shown more disregard for the people they serve? What degree of blame lies with his fellow Republicans for looking the other way?

We the voters have every right to be outraged and to demand a full inquiry not only on Foley’s case but also on the response of Republican leadership. This leadership has failed us at every turn.

How can we expect fairness and justice on any national and foreign issue from a leadership that looks the other way as their fellows disgrace themselves with young men, quenching their sexual thirst at the trough paid for by taxpayer money? How can we expect this leadership to respect the human dignity of fellow Americans and citizens of the world when the honor of even US children is not safe with it? How can we believe that Foley is not the only alcoholic or pedophile or sexual predator or adulterer enjoying his lifestyle at taxpayer expense?

As voters we are angry and our anger must be reflected at the polls in the coming election. We don’t want the country to be led by a bunch of sex offenders, by pedophiles, alcoholics, drug addicts, or those who are involved in financial fraud.


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