A Wonderful Year Ahead – Recap of the 2013 Annual MFS Fundraising Dinner

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Fundraising Dinner and for the generous support we have received during and after the event!
On Sunday, March 10th, Muslim Family Services (MFS) held its 2013 Annual Fundraising Dinner. Around 500 guests attended the gathering at Burton Manor in Livonia, of which many were new faces. The keynote speaker was Dr. Jawad Shah, a prominent neurosurgeon and active member of the Flint Muslim community and Brother Dawud Walid, Executive Director of CAIR-MI, was the fundraiser.
Sister Tahira Khalid, Master Counselor at MFS, spoke about previous and upcoming projects and services offered by MFS, such as its Ramadan/Zakat programs, emergency and counseling services, Foster Care program, upcoming women’s shelter, and much more. The goal of the event was to gain support for the expansion and continuation of such projects throughout the year.
Dr. Shah highlighted the importance of family support and ties in Islam; discussing the case-unique hardships that many Muslim families face in this society.  A picture was painted, showing how crucial it is for MFS to retain the support of our community; both cooperatively and financially. In order for Muslim families to find support when they have none elsewhere, the community must join MFS in this important cause. The necessity of financial support, paired with adequate help from organizations and individuals, is what MFS needs to keep our projects running. These two conditions are most important after Faith in Allah (swt) that He will support those who aim to benefit His creation.
Alhamdulillah (Thank God), thanks to the sincere efforts of Br. Dawud Walid, we received a great amount of support, helping us meet and exceed our goal. This reassures that the Michigan Muslim community at large can look forward to the aid and support of MFS in the future inshAllah (God-willing). Helping is our intention and our purpose and we plan to do as much as we can. With Allah (swt) on our side, nothing is impossible.
*Reprinted with permission from Muslim Family Services- www.muslimfamilyservices.org.

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