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Abdi Abdirahman Has Eyes Set on Olympics Medal

By Ayub Khan, TMO

6a00d83451f7a069e200e553a3d0c88834-800wiThis four-time US Olympic runner has his eyes set on obtaining a medal at the London Olympics. Throughout his career he has come against all adversities to make his mark. At the age of 35 many had wrote him off due to his injuries including a sore hip. Despite that he was able to obtain an Olympic berth in the Marathon team by finishing third in the US Olympic trials.

He finished the race in  2 hours, 9 minutes, 47 seconds. The top four finishers ran under 2:10.

He’s earned 13 USA Track and Field titles at four distances, and placed 10th, 15th and 15th in three Olympic races. The only male distance runner in U.S. history to race in four Summer Olympics, from 1960-72, was George Young, a 1968 steeplechase bronze medalist.


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