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ACLU Addresses Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center

By Adil James, MMNS

Bloomfield Hills–November 9–We are doing our best to defend your constitutional rights–that was the underlying message of attorney Kary L. Moss of the ACLU at a meeting Friday night at the Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center.

ACLU Executive Director Kary L. Moss gives a presentation at the Bloomfield Unity Center.

Ms. Moss gave an introduction to the ACLU and especially its activities in Michigan, and showed a promotional ACLU video which described its long history of defending the constitutional and civil rights of Americans over the 87 years since its founding.

In the current post-911 climate, she described many instances in which the ACLU has stood up to defend Muslims whose civil liberties were trampled, including among many other examples organizing free legal advice for Arab and Muslim men rounded up after 9/11; earned positive legal results protecting rights of many Arabs and Muslims including Rabi Haddad, among many others.

Moss also introduced Rana Elmir, a community leader previously associated with the ADC (Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, now working for the ACLU in Michigan.

If you are interested in joining and/or supporting the ACLU, or if you have an issue which they can help you with, please contact them at 313-578-6800.


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