Actress Embraces Islam

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Actress Embraces Islam

By Adil James, TMO

ScreenShot014Several prominent Hollywood and other celebrities have openly converted to Islam in the past few years and before.  Muhammad Ali, Cat Stevens, and many others.  Oliver Stone’s son Sean Stone converted to Islam in early 2012 during a visit to Iran.  Former UK PM Tony Blair’s relative Lauren Booth converted to Islam after travelling to Palestine.

Now the actress Queenie Padilla has also recently converted to Islam.  The young actress has decided to leave show business and devote herself to her studies and to learning more about Islam.

Padilla is from show business aristocracy, because her father Robin Padilla is also a well-known actor.  Padilla practices the Thai martial art of Muay Thai.

In an emotional and beautiful video (now posted on the TMO website) she describes her expierence of the beauty of Islam and of making hajj–”Islam is a way of life–when you convert to Islam you start to know your purpose–which is only to worship Allah (swt).”  She explains that young people feel pressured in school for example by bullies–leading some to commit suicide or to live lives of misery.  She says that if they knew the purpose of their lives they would not be forced to such extremes, she explains.

Her emotional interview is one that will touch your heart–please see it on the TMO website.


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