Advice Column Week 8: Drinking Water

By Noor H. Salem, TMO

Question: I don’t drink enough water but I do include other drinks like juice, soda, and coffee in my diet. Do I need to reach 8 cups of water alone because it’s really difficult?

noorsalemAnswer: About ¾ of our bodies are made of water, so it’s no surprise that we need to reach a sufficient amount daily. Water has an endless amount of benefits, ranging from measuring joint paint to reducing headaches. Getting headaches could be a sign of dehydration, if you feel like your head is starting to hurt drink a few cups of water and wait a few minutes. Drinking water allows your body to better absorb vitamins and nutrients and results in healthy skin too. Water helps with digestion of our food and is even beneficial for our immune systems.

The question is now, why wouldn’t we want to drink adequate water?

If you didn’t just juice your vegetables or fruits and make that fruit juice, most likely it’s going to include added ingredients you don’t want in there. Soda is chockfull of sugar and should not be something you drink with your daily meals, yet alone daily. Coffee is acceptable and has a few benefits when drinking without tons of sugar and fat. So having coffee with sugar at breakfast, soda with lunch, and a third soda at dinner can add up, and won’t do you any good. Swap that soda for water and reduce the sweetener in your coffee. If you can’t have your coffee black try a natural sweetener like Organic Raw Honey. Look for 100% real fruit or vegetable juice if you really need an alternative. 

Try drinking at least eight cups of water daily and you’ll get fewer headaches, feel better, and be taking better care of your organs.


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