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By Noor Salem, TMO

Question: Is it true that potatoes are fattening and should be avoided?

noorsalemAnswer: I’m not surprised that potatoes have a very bad rep in this country. The majority of potatoes are eaten either as French fries deep fried in hydrogenated oils, or deep fried as a crunchy potato chip covered in salt and artificial flavoring.

An actual potato is a vegetable, which unsurprisingly has many benefits. An average potato has about 28% Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and 26% Potassium. Vitamin B6 contributes to building new cells, emphasizing brain cells. It also has 15% fiber which could contribute to satiety after eating them. Potatoes are also known to provide athletic endurance and helps breakdown glycogen.

An average potato has between 150-160 calories which when eaten with steamed vegetables and Organic Greek Yogurt or sour cream sided with a fresh salad could make a filling and nutritious meal.
Basically potatoes- again when not deep fried and coated in chemicals- could be a good edition to a healthy lifestyle. Try baking your potatoes and topping them with organic Greek yogurt, or steamed broccoli.

If you are a fan of mashed potatoes skip the restaurant version, which is dumped with butter and sodium, and make your own at home.

One thing I do want to note though, if you are a person with any time of arthritis or joint disease, do keep in mind that potatoes fall into the nightshade vegetables. These vegetables are known to increase inflammation in the body so you are better off avoiding them.


Eating the skin on the potato means getting the fiber and other nutrients, but if you do eat the skin opt for organic potatoes or scrub your potatoes with a vegetable scrub.


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