AFMI 2012 Banquet

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AFMI 2012 Banquet

By TMO Stringer

This year over 300 people attended AFMI’s 2012 banquet. 

Mr. Paswan addressing a gathering of about 300 people in Detroit Michigan Mr. Paswan was chief guest  at AFMI convention in Detroit Michigan, October 5, 2012
Audience members watch the speech of Ram Vilas Paswan, MP.  He later received a standing ovation for his speech. Above:  (l-r):  Riaz Saiyed, Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan, MP, Dr. AS Nakadar, AFMI; Chirag Paswan, Bollywood Actor; Mrs. Rizwana Khan, AFMI.

The program was very successful–Dr. AS Nakadar, AFMI’s founder and trustee presented the awards for the last year’s activists, meeting with the Indian MP, Ambassador Ram Vilas Paswan.

He said that it was unfair how Muslims are treated in India, that Muslims are part and parcel of India.  Mr. Paswan gave many examples of the unfair treatment of Muslims. He also said there should be free access between India and Pakistan–the restrictions prevent families from reuniting across the border lines. Thirdly, Mr. Paswan argued there should be equal opportunities to people–to those who are downtrodden, including Muslims–they would do wonders in contributing, economically, socially, and politically, bringing India to the top level of nations.

People very much enjoyed the evening’s entertainment.

Poonam Bhattia, the famous Bollywood singer, was scheduled to entertain the guests until 12AM, however she was begged by the audience to continue and agreed to sing until 1AM.  The guests, including religious people who might otherwise have objected to the night’s musical entertainment, stayed riveted until the last minute.


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