AFMI Asks for Justice on Tenth Anniversary of Gujarat Genocide

AFMI Press Release


Survivors look at the pictures of the Godhra riots victims at a photo-exhibition held to commemorate its 10th anniversary in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad February 27, 2012. The riots were some of the country’s worst religious riots since independence, killing some 2,500 people, mainly Muslims.


FARMINGTON, MICHIGAN—The American Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI) commemorates the tenth anniversary of the 2002 Gujarat genocide by praying for the victims and their families.  The barbaric acts perpetrated by criminals in active collusion with the state and political machinery resulted in numerous deaths, rapes, injuries, and the continued displacement of thousands of people.

Despite the passage of ten years since the events occurred justice continues to evade the victims. AFMI demands the Indian governmental authorities to swiftly prosecute the perpetrators of these heinous acts and bring them to justice.  It also demands that the victims be rehabilitated and adequately compensated.

AFMI salutes the courage and conviction of all human rights organizations, activists, lawyers, and other individuals who continue to fight for justice against all odds.

AFMI urges the people of India, and Gujarat, in particular, to introspect behind the causes of the horrific 2002 massacres and resolve that they should never again allowed to be repeated.

The American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin, is a North American based grassroots organization, dedicated to socio-economic and educational development of Muslims and other underprivileged masses in India.

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