AFMI Condemns Zawahiri Statement on India

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AFMI Condemns Zawahiri Statement on India

AFMI Press Release

FARMINGTON,MICHIGAN—The American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI)  condemns the statement attributed to Al Qaeda  chief Ayman Al Zawahiri about his plan to establish an Indian branch of his notorious terrorist group.

AFMI considers the Al Qaeda terrorist group’s activities to be completely antithetical to the noble teachings of Islam. AFMI considers the terrorist group’s plans for India with alarm and urges the Indian population in general, and Indian Muslims in particular, to be vigilant about any extremist and suspicious activity and to immediately bring it to the notice of the police, public officials, and community leaders.

Lastly, it would like to remind Al Qaeda and other terrorist outfits that their nefarious designs would prove to be futile as they would never be able to sway Indian Muslims from their patriotic duty to India and their commitment to the secular and democratic principles of the Indian nation.

The American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin, is a North American based grassroots organization, dedicated to socio-economic and educational development of Muslims and other underprivileged masses in India.

The American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin; 29008 W.8 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48336; Tel: 248-442-2364;


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