America Has Word’s Largest Prison Population

By Elder George

In my last article I listed 7 major issues affecting society; for the next 7 weeks I will address those issues. Today I address the fact that the US has the world’s largest prison population, and the highest incarceration rate.

In practical and personal terms these men in prison are sons, brothers, and fathers. They could be yours. Even if you don’t have family directly in the prison system, the increasing numbers of men in prison affects us all.

The US has more men in prison than China and India combined (although those nations together have about 40% of the world’s population). One American man in six between the ages of 18 and 30 has a relationship with the law. In the African-American community, one man in three in that age group has a relationship with the law, with the trends worsening in both categories.

In 1976, the prison population numbered 250,000. By 1984 it had doubled to a 500,000, by 1992 it had doubled again to one million, and by 2000 it had doubled to two million.  It now stands at 2.4 million and is growing.

This issue rarely receives recognition, let alone discussion, from any political party or member of government at any level, or even from the supposedly watch dog media–because the objective of the government and the subservient media is to reduce male influence in society in order to increase its own power. Because of that deliberate oversight I am addressing the issue here and on youtube, which you can find under Elder George – patriarchy.

The government wants all male authority destroyed as part of its program to establish a genderless and Godless society. It does this by a combined effort of neutering the male and incarcerating him. All laws, employment practices, educational instruction, and family matters are based on gender equality, which the law interprets as gender sameness.

The government has a purpose in promoting and enforcing gender sameness for it assists in destroying the authority of the male. For anything to function in this universe there can only be one assertive influence—one authority. There can be only one God, only one sun in the solar system, only one captain of a ship, and only one head of a family. Since by law, gender sameness must prevail in the home, that translates into a lack of authority. The government has stepped in and made of itself the authority in all matters concerning men, women, and children. In essence it has destroyed the family as the focal point of society, leaving it leaderless and unable to function without the authority of the government and therefore begging for its involvement into every aspect of life.

Our ubiquitous and all-pervasive government has brought us to the threshold of tyranny. It could only do this by emasculating and incarcerating our men—our fathers, brothers, and sons.

Will we stand by passively, or will we rise to the challenge and join with like-minded people whose objective is to bring forth life and nurture it in a spiritually oriented environment? That will keep people out of prison.

Nest week I will address the devastating effect on our children caused by the breakdown of the family.

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