An Attack on the Islamic Press!

The Muslim Observer

An Attack on the Islamic Press!

By Geoffrey Cook, TMO

Alameda (Calif.)–May 13, 2014–This morning I sent my computer off to my IT outsourcer after struggling to undo two Internet attacks wherein Conduit bots (Malware) were found on my most recent computer, and the disaster recovery media of my destroyed computer of three years ago.

Conduit is based in Ness Ziona / Israel (need I say more!) with a U.S. presence (offices in New Cork City.)  The incestuous American-Israeli questionable practices (criminality?) are raising their ugly face again here.  Yet, Conduit’s toolbars work as browser-hijackers, or redirectors (from the web page you are trying to reach to where they wish you to go), and, although they are considered Malware they are legal here and in Israel.  Succinctly, this sleazy company specializes in Malware for large Corporations.  One of their biggest American clients is Google which, unfortunately, has gained the reputation as a “bad” Corporate citizen in many of its practices by observers of their industry.  (I live fifty miles from Silicon Valley, and almost nightly there are stories from San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland television stations critical of that company’s practices towards the regional hubs.)

Conduit is the largest Internet Company in Israel which country after the United States and India is one of the IT dynamos.  Unfortunately, as with this company procedure, the government’s involvement with the stuxnet virus shows that nation to be an irresponsible rogue in its use of technology – especially nuclear armaments! 

Conduit has stated it will remain in Israel — which will mean it will be able to collaborate with Tel Aviv’ internal and external policies — that in the case of Conduit produces aggressive IT weaponry.  Although it has claimed to be moving away from the redirection toolbar into other high tech products, many of my colleagues in the struggle against the Israeli Occupation of the Occupied (Palestinian) Territories here in Northern California have found traces on their computers.  I urge all my readers on these pages – especially our Islamic core – to scan their files for this infection.

I simply asked the American enemy, Google, “Conduit toolbar removal,” and it came up with much information on it and how to remove it if you find it on your machine.

Somehow, in the two recent attacks from Conduit, other software must have been laid down, too.  Although I personally believe I erased Conduit from my hard drive and browser, a mysterious script, since Conduit attempted its delivery, is involved in “eating up” over 40% of my hard drive (now 109 gigabits remain out of a total of 600 – 17 gigs disappeared in one day!).  If anyone has ideas or help for me to continue my advocacy for Islam in America, please contact the Managing Editor of this paper!  This attack and the one in 2011 were to shut me up.  Please, take care of yourself for the “Devil Roars like a roaring Lion!”   This incident is not only an expression of Islamophobia against the Muslim Observer, but against all of its writers and staff and all who will stand up for the rights of and the oppression against Muslims in America and worldwide!


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