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The Chaplain of the Muskegon Correctional Facility Seeks Volunteers

Chaplain Carl Burgess of the Muskegon Correctional Facility is “seeking volunteers who would like to donate their time in assisting Sunni Muslim prisoners to learn more about their chosen faith group.”

He explained in a letter to TMO requesting assistance in finding volunteers that “Volunteers are an essential part of the prison ministry team.  Persons who would like to be considered for volunteer service will need to contact me here at the facility in order to schedule an orientation time slot.  231-773-3201, ext. 314.  Thursday and Friday, 12pm to 8pm, Saturday through Monday, 8pm to 4pm.

“Thank you so very much for your time and effort on the behalf of God Most High.”

International Student Exchange Programs Seeks Families in Southeast Michigan

Nina Busquaert of ASSE Int’l (International Student Exchange Programs), Nonprofit ID 95-3034133, sent a letter to TMO to inform the community that ASSE is “now accepting applications from host families for the 2009/2010 academic year.  By hosting a foreign exchange student from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, you provide a rewarding opportunity to a special teenager.  These personable and academically select exchange stuents are bright, curious and anxious to learn about this country through living as part of a family, attending high school and sharing their own culture and language with their newly adopted host family….

“Host families provide room and board and guidance for their new son or daughter while experiencing the joy of watching a child grow academically and culturally.  each exchange student expects to bear his or her share of the household responsibilities as well as be included in normal family activities.  When sharing your home with a student from another culture, your lives are enriched forever by your new lifelong friendship!”

For more details, please contact Nina Busquaert, 586-719-2909 in Auburn Hills.  Also, please visit their website, for additional opportunities through ASSE.

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