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Annual Youth Art Fair

Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where you are.

~ Theodore Roosevelt

By Almas Akhtar, TMO


Our kids are our future: encourage them, celebrate them.

Almas Akhtar, a resident of Bloomfield Hills and a  mother of three, started the Annual Youth Art Exhibitions in 2011 to encourage not only her children but children of the community.

It’s free for all children residing in the state of Michigan.” The smile on the children’s faces when they look at their art project displayed in the exhibition is my reward,” says Almas.

The exhibition usually starts around noon, guests look around at all the paintings, sculptures, photographs and small craft pieces displayed in the exhibition hall. Larger pieces are displayed on easels and smaller pieces on the tables. Professional artists are the judges of the competition. The competition is divided into three age groups; 5 to 9 year old, 10 to 14 year old and 15 to 19 year old kids.

Every child can present up to two art projects. In 2013 at the 3rd youth art exhibition, 5 local schools participated in the group competition.

The exhibition has grown considerably in the last 4 years.

Over 180 art projects were set up for exhibition in 2014 the 4th youth art exhibition held at the Dearborn Inn.

3 prizes are awarded in each age group, plus 3 special prizes.

Each child was awarded a certificate.

Mr. John Smith, president of the Michigan state Board of Education was the chief guest, who awarded prizes among the winners.

The names of the winners were:  Najeeb Baig, Shiraz Arshad, Ammar Akhtar, Divya Alluri, Kylie Lala, Harout Watersen, Marah Baibijaan, Amber Akhtar and Suha Asadullah.


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