Another Day Another Bomb

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Another Day Another Bomb

By Mahvish Akhtar, MMNS

A bomb blast on July 6th Sunday, in Islamabad near Melody Market, reminded the world that the people of Pakistan are frustrated and angry. 15 Policemen and two others were killed. 40 people were injured in this attack. This was right after a conference held in honor of the martyrs of Laal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa.

Many fiery speeches were made about avenging and getting justice for the spilled blood of innocent students of the Madarassahs. According to authorities and eyewitnesses, the suicide bomber who had a beard and was wearing white shalwar qameez threw him self on some 40 police officers who were deployed in the area to give protection to the people attending the conference.

The security has tightened in Islamabad and everyone is on high alert since the incident. But what it comes down to is that does it matter? No amount of security and high alerts can save the officials from the wrath of the angry frustrated people who have lost so much and keep losing more as time goes by. Every time something like this takes place it makes the world look at Pakistani people as uneducated terrorists. But that’s really not the reason why things like these take place in our country.

The twisted mentality that yields the ugly blossoms of bombings and terrorism ultimately comes from somewhere, and it is worth exploring what are the sources of the anguish and anger that these people express through such terrible means.

These are people who are poor and have no money even to feed their children. On top of that the few things that they could afford to eat are getting more and more expensive as time goes by. So, who do they complain to? Who is listening to them? No one!

And on top of all that they know that the government hurts and kills whoever and whenever they want. No one can ask questions or demand explanations. This is exactly what took place with Laal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa.

These are people who have lost family members in this terrible ordeal. They have no consolation for losing their loved ones. And then when they hear that their innocent children’s murder is falsely labelled an operation against terrorism, I don’t think any of us can imagine the kind of pain and rage it must cause them to have.

Without question, it is a crime to kill people no matter the reason or excuse. However, the people who are going as far as selling their own lives just to make a point must be very desperate and frustrated people and it bears mentioning that there are reasons for their frustration.

For them, their lives have no value any more. Living means having to eat and clothe oneself and one’s family. This, these poor people cannot afford to do any more. And then when they see their loved ones vanishing from in front of their eyes and they see their own screams falling on deaf ears, they lose all hope for a harmonious life.

At a time like this they feel that they could probably serve the ones they love better dead than alive. Of course this twisted mentality comes from a lack of education along with other things.

We don’t understand our religion well enough even to realize that Allah does not want people to kill their own selves and others in this manner. But who will explain any of this to those hungry homeless people who see chaos and sadness all around them? Who will go to them and say you may not have anything to eat or a place to sleep tonight but we want you to be educated so that you don’t kill yourselves and others out of despair?

We have identified the problem…actually we identified the problem a long time ago, but nobody really wants to talk about it. So, what is the solution? How do we stop this from happening?

As easy as it sounds or seems to read such things in a paper it is completely different when you are living it.

How can I convince a hot blooded 18 year old who has lost his sister in Jamia Hafsa and didn’t even get to see her body not to take revenge? How can you and I tell him that you shouldn’t take any action even though no one is coming to help you through this and get you justice?

What can you and I say to dry up the tears of a mother who has no idea where her son is because the government one day just picked him up and took him without any explanation. How do I tell her she shouldn’t hope for death and destruction for such a government?

So, you see the problem is much greater and complicated than we are able to comprehend.

There, however, is a solution and that solution will require those of us who are a little bit more privileged to work harder and spend much more time trying to help those who are not.

The burden is now on us to help them get the justice they deserve.

The responsibility is now ours to dry the tears so many have cried in vain. If we don’t do this today to help those who are underprivileged right now tomorrow we could join their ranks and have no one to help us.

Let’s take back control before this chaos ruins whatever little we have left in our lives. 


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