Another Unsung Hero

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Another Unsung Hero

The Cry for Pakistan banquet held on October 24th was a success in part because of the hard work of many who were mentioned in TMO’s article about the event last week, but also in part due to the hard work of many other unsung heroes. 

One such unsung hero was Dr. Khurshid Qureshi, who worked with Saleem Siddiqui sometimes until 3AM to prepare the Cry for Help banquet.  Dr. Qureshi was responsible mostly for planning the ticket sales for the evening, and he avoided recognition for his work despite the many hours he devoted to the banquet.

Qureshi explained, “There were nights where me and Saleem worked til 3AM, on weekdays,” to accomplish our goals.  “Extremely great teamwork,” he said.  “It’s unbelievable how the energy of different people was combined to bring this event.”

The result was nearly $500,000 of funds raised for Pakistan flood relief.


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