Arizona 2014 Grad Announcement

By Nidah Chatriwala, TMO


Zoya Tariq at Wells Fargo Arena

Arizona State University (ASU) recently wrapped up its graduation ceremonies for the spring semester honoring leaders of tomorrow including Zoya Tariq.

Tariq, who is originally from Pakistan, is a passionate individual with dreams of making a difference in the world. Throughout her college life, she was found volunteering her time at interfaith and multicultural ASU groups and events educating, encouraging and exemplifying the sophisticated youth of today.

Tariq earned her undergraduate degree in computer and information systems.

“The idea of writing words that make programs just fascinated me,” Tariq exclaimed. “I studied both subjects in my school in Pakistan and developed extreme passion for computers and technology… binary code,  especially, showed a whole new world to me.”

Furthermore, the curious soul Tariq is, she experimented her interests by accepting volunteer positions at multiple companies where she was involved heavily in organizing events.

“This cultivated in me the interest of management and business relationships,” Tariq explained. “This combination of interests made me choose computer information systems as my major.”

On May 14th, Tariq walked up the grand graduation stage to collect her degree with her family cheering her on from the bleachers at Wells Fargo Arena.

How did she feel after the graduation ceremony?

“I no longer had the safety net of saying that ‘I am studying right now’,” Tariq admitted. “But, I also didn’t have the burden of saying ‘I am studying right now’ because I felt ready and anxious to start working towards accomplishing my goals.”

Unlike most fresh graduates who take a break of a few months or so before starting their job search; Tariq, on the other hand, is excited to start achieving her career goals.
“I hope to pursue a career in managing events for for-profit charitable organizations,” Tariq enthused. “I want my focus to be on fighting hunger in poverty-stricken countries.”
Tariq is dedicated to utilizing her skills and interests to develop a contributory community globally so that everyone helps each other around the world.

The TMO team wishes the very best to young individuals like Tariq to become influential leaders of tomorrow.


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