Arizona Pakistani Community Unites with a Mission to Liberate Farmers Back Home

By Nidah Chatriwala, TMO

79830066On May 10, Free Kissan Free Pakistan (FKFP) organized its introductory meeting with the goal of educating local Arizona Pakistani community of the poor treatment of farmers in their homeland.

In Urdu, “kissan” means a farmer and so FKFP incorporated that in their organization’s name in hopes of becoming the voice of poorly treated peasants of Pakistan.

Fariya Bukhari, chief executive director of FKFP, is dedicated to liberating the kissans from a life of slavery by putting an end to the ancient system of feudalism while empowering the kissans to work for themselves by ensuring the provision of appropriate resources.

“I see the future kissan of Pakistan as an educated and strong entrepreneurs making a pivotal part of Pakistan’s economy,” Bukhari shared.

Bukhari isn’t looking to only raise donations; she’s building a committed team that will work collectively toward empowering the Pakistani kissan.

“I need brains, compassion, commitment and unity of the masses to work towards this very critical civil rights campaign that will change the life of 115 million Pakistanis if successful.” Bukhar emphasized. “Pakistan needs your skills, brains, strategy, compassion and commitment to give them control over their lives and income.”

Bukhari believes FKFP’s efforts will impact Pakistan’s outlook as a nation as 64 percent of Pakistanis live in the villages out of that majority of the population is working in the agricultural industry.

In regards to Saturday’s meeting, Bukhari said “This was an introductory session to inform the masses about the ideology of this platform.”

Was the goal achieved? “The event went very well… good turn-over, receptive and intelligent audience, and the best part is that people got engaged and committed,” Bukhari enthused.

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