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Arizona Restaurant Guide – Haji-Baba Review

By Nidah Chatriwala, TMO


Haji-Baba is a famous Middle Eastern restaurant in the heart of Tempe inviting college students, families, and even veterans have become loyal customers.

I recently checked it out myself to see what’s causing this restaurant to have 5-star reviews on sites like Yelp and others alike.

Haji-Baba is a combination of a spice store come restaurant. For convenience, that’s a plus point!

The interior isn’t extravagant but offers nothing less than an authentic Arab restaurant feel. Metal stools take place of chairs and simply chestnut colored square tables are decorated with salt and pepper bottles.

Old customers find their own table to get started while the newbies wait to be seated.

The menu is a single sheet with a two-sided list of Mediterranean dishes written in ingredient form; no glossy touch here either.

I’ve heard endless love stories about how delicious their hummus is. So keeping that in mind, I ordered Kafta, which entails of shish kabobs with a side of their original hummus and salad known as tabuli.

My reaction? I too have fallen in love with their hummus recipe and the kabobs were cooked just right.

Taking everything into consideration, I will give Haji-Baba 4.7-stars for quality of food, quick service, convenience and price range earning my recommendation.
Furthermore, it was a down-to-earth experience. I left with full satisfaction and an intention to return. If ever in Arizona, make at least one stop at Haji-Baba.


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