Arizona State Graduate Showcases Modest Clothing at Annual Fashion Show

By Nidah Chatriwala, TMO


Models at the fashion show

Heba Albasha, 22, Syrian American, is a creative soul. She recently showed off her modest clothing designs at the Mesa Community College’s Annual Fashion Show.

Her bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University (ASU) is in chemical engineering; however, her passion for sewing roots back to her days as a  young girl.

During her college days, Albasha decided to submit her thesis on historic wedding dresses which eventually led to blogging.

Currently, Albasha is taking fashion design courses at Mesa Community College (MCC) before pursuing graduate school to advance her education in chemical engineering.

Little did she know, the fashion courses renewed her passion for sewing all over again.

“I am so happy to have spent this year studying fashion design. Showing at MCC’s Annual Fashion Show this year was an exhilarating experience for me,” Albasha enthused. “I showed my first collection ever and participated in my first fashion show as a designer!”

Albasha’s collection is inspired by nature and so most of her clothes are styled to highlight floral prints. “I draw a lot of my inspiration from history and flora,” Albasha explained.

At the fashion show, Albasha revealed her style for 2014 Fall and Winter collection sporting floral prints on maroon, black and forest-green hues.

“This collection, and in-sha-Allah future collections, are targeted towards Muslim women who want to be able to find clothing that is beautiful and stylish, but also modest,” Albasha’s shared.

Her goal is spread modest dressing beyond the Muslim community. “The collection is not only for women in hijab, and not even just for Muslim women, but any woman who appreciates modest dress,” Albasha added.

At the fashion show, the audience welcomed her unique collection with great excitement. “I had people wanting to buy the pieces off my models,” Albasha exclaimed. “I definitely look forward to participating and organizing similar events in the future!”

“She did an incredible job and walking the runway in her designs was exhilarating,” said Mahnoor Mukarram.

Beware fashionistas, this upcoming designer is to watch out for.


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