Arizona State University Celebrates Diversity by Hosting International Carnival

By Nidah Chatriwala, TMO

Fashion Show
ASU Students model clothes from around the world.

Last Friday, Arizona State University (ASU) celebrated student diversity by organizing the most successful International Carnival yet with over 250 attendees.

According to Zoya Tariq, officer of ASU’s Coalition of International Students club, the carnival highlights the university’s diverse community.

“International Carnival was one of the many efforts of Coalition of International Students to provide students with a platform where they can proudly represent their country’s culture and traditions for ASU and the community at large to see and appreciate…” – Tariq said.

The event was broken down in multiple parts and stations, where attendees were educated, entertained, then before moving on to the next level, they were given pink tokens to collect to win a prize toward the end of the event.

The first stop was Global Tables where over 25 countries had their flags blowing proudly, students dressed in their cultural adornments distributed snacks from back home to people who stopped to learn about their homeland.

From Taiwan to Africa, it was a cultural mix like no other. The room buzzed with curious ooh’s and aah’s. Table representing India was surrounded by a group of students playing the popular game of Carrom, whereas the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia group created an ancient Arabian ambience by playing the Oud. Qatar table displayed artifacts from back home next to Arabic Language & Culture Club that promoted a unique foreign language experience.

Games, cultural artifacts, music and free food was only the beginning. The second stop was the “Show Your Culture” fashion show. It was here where the crowd got to gaze at the ethnic beauties dressed in their exquisite cultural attires. Crowd cheered for their friends, but it’s what happened backstage that was truly amazing.

“It warmed my heart to see a Mongolian model of “Show your Culture” fashion show discussing with a Chinese model that the same thread was used in the bead-work on their clothes,” Tariq shared. “Another model from Uzbekistan could relate to clothes worn by an Indian model.”

Moreover, the eventful night unfolded further offering Bingo at the third stop, a game of pictionary at fourth followed by a cultural art competition and Bollywood dance class ended the carnival on happy feet.

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