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Art Exhibit Explores the History, Beauty, and Richness of Islam

(Part Two)

By Almas Akhtar, TMO

1_copy4_copy6_copyREVELATIONS is a revolution in contemporary Islamic Art.

This series of paintings tells the story of our Prophet Muhammad (s) starting from the first painting in this series called ‘Revelations’ the message he received from God and the last painting in this series is of the ‘Kaaba’which gives the lesson of ‘tolerance’ and ‘forgiveness’.

The artist is an oncologist by profession who paints as a hobby, he is greatly influenced by the Abstract Expressionist Movement. He thinks art is a medium of expression and paintings reflect your imagination. He throws aside all conventions and allow his creative spirit free reign.

This exhibition is first of it’s kind, it is non-representational but is often combined with geomatric patterns, mystery of mathematical numbers and inscriptions.The large size of the paintings and use of bright colours appeal to the audience. These paintings are abstract and each has a story hidden in it.

The exhibition will take place at Commune Artist Gallery, Karachi during the months of April and May 2012.


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