Assimilating into a Secular Society

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Assimilating into a Secular Society

By Elder George
A Muslim woman who sheaths herself in a head-to-toe veil was denied French citizenship because she had not assimilated enough into its society. France’s highest body upheld the decision, and politicians across the spectrum agreed it was the right move. On June 27, France’s highest administrative body, the Council of State, ruled that the woman, identified only as Faiza X, had “adopted a radical practice of her religion incompatible with the essential values of the French community, notably with the principle of equality of the sexes, and therefore she does not fulfill the conditions of assimilation” listed in the country’s Civil Code as a requirement for gaining French citizenship.

The council said the decision to refuse her citizenship did not aim to “attack (her) freedom of religion.” That’s true, it meant to inhibit her from practicing it. The Western culture promotes freedom of religion as long as it is not practiced.

The French and most Europeans interpret “the equality of the sexes” as meaning the “sameness” of the sexes. Male authority no longer exists in the European community; an unfortunate condition since male authority from the beginning of time has set the guidelines for behavior, and these guidelines were predicated on the propagation and preservation of the species including its spiritual development. Moral guidelines no longer exist in the European community where social behavior is governed by law, which has no concept of ethics, understanding of the unseen, or anything spiritual. Since European and Western societies no longer have the benefit of male authority, and the ethics that it creates and culture that it develops, there has been a complete breakdown of intra-personal conduct and relationships.

Crime has increased, litigation has mushroomed, and the prison population continues to increase. People of Western society suffer from increasing angst as the moral fiber disintegrates and the purpose of society has become the acquisition of materials and maximizing self-indulgence. There no longer is such an entity as a “good woman” or a “good man,” just automatons treated equally who work on the treadmill of production.

An important segment of the French legal statement was  “fulfill the conditions of assimilation.” In order to become accepted in Western society all traditions and practices—whether cultural or religious—must be dispensed with in order to conform to its lack of culture. This requirement places special demands on Muslim immigrants and their particular ethnic cultural practices.

Can Muslims assimilate and still adhere to their religious and cultural practices? Highly unlikely. Christians have not been able to do it. Marriage rites have been changed; women no longer cover their heads in church and have been accepted into the ministry. The result has been that the incidence of divorce among Christians is the same as those of people who have no religious affiliation, and adultery runs rampant. Increasing numbers of Christians of all denominations have lost confidence in the manner in which their faith is practiced. Ten percent of America consists of ex-Catholics. Protestants fare no better.

Western secularism takes from people the purpose of their existence and creates a barrier between them and their relationship with God. Do Muslims or any believers want to assimilate to that?

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