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#ANewBronxTale: Bronx Community Organizers Fight to Resist with Local Office

by Nasif Khan On the brisk night of January 29th, 2017, a brief rally formed following an estimated 100 people outside a Bengali restaurant in the East Bronx, New York. On Starling Avenue, a predominant Bengali-Muslim community, as well as a scatter of other South-Asian communities including Pakistani and Indian communities, responded to a set […]

Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness in the Muslim Community

by Rabia Toor Over the past few decades, the stigma surrounding mental illness has certainly improved with increased access to care and increased advocacy for treatment. However, the intersectional framework of care received and given to Muslims, and minorities, not only varies in degree but also in ‘kind.’ Muslims hail from a tribal ancestry—a close-knit […]

The Magnificent Benefits of Mushrooms

by Noor H. Salem Do you frequently pick mushrooms out of your salad or, perhaps, order your sandwiches without them when eating out? Unfortunately, many are unaware of the incredible health benefits mushrooms carry or even how many unique varieties of mushrooms are out there for consumption. Many are familiar with white crimini mushrooms, the […]

Muslim, Women, and Entrepreneurs: An Ode to Muslim Womanhood

by Elizabeth Jaikaran Despite prevailing western narratives that perpetuate false and degrading representations of Muslim women, the realities of Muslim women’s strength, power, and resilience are becoming more and more difficult to ignore. In the past year alone, stories detailing the incredible feats of Muslim women have surfaced as seeming anomalies to the collective understanding […]

Healthy Sweet Potato Fries with a Delectable Dill Dip

by Noor H. Salem Last week we discussed the popular myth that potatoes are fattening, and how you should avoid them if you are seeking a healthy lifestyle. I’ve debunked that myth and made clear that not all potatoes are created equal. More importantly, the way a potato is prepared plays a vital role in the […]

Are Potatoes Harmful to Our Health?

by Noor H. Salem While popular myth has it that potatoes are unhealthy and fattening, I’m here to assure you not all potatoes are created equal. Clearly, potatoes come with this negative connotation due to the major way potatoes are consumed in this country: deep-fried French fries. However, the type of potato you consume and […]

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Muslim Ban 2.0

by Aysha Qamar Muslim Ban 2.0 has dropped and here is what you need to know. In January, after his first immigration order was challenged and effectively shut down—President Donald Trump threatened to come back with another. He has now come back with another order. The new order unveiled by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, […]

Brooklyn Neighborhood Responds to Immigration Ban with ‘Hate Free Zone’

by Nasif Khan On January 25, 2017, while thousands of New Yorkers rallied in Washington Square Park in response to newly elected President Donald Trump’s rapid push for executive orders seeking unprecedented immigration policies—a group of estimated 600 people gathered in the Avenue C Plaza in Kensington, Brooklyn to make their voices heard as well. […]

As Americans, We Are All Refugees

by Azher Quader From conversations on the streets to living rooms, there is a lot of emotional talk these days over the topic of refugees. Although some three million refugees have come into the country since 1980 escaping the tyranny of wars to find safe haven here, we are in fact all refugees in America […]

Black Muslim Hip Hop Artists Take on “Agent Orange” at the Grammys

by Fatima Ahmed In today’s politically charged climate, the Grammys found themselves becoming a platform for numerous stars to voice their political stances. From Paris Jackson and Laverne Cox shouting out important social movements like #NoDAPL and #IStandWithGavin to Adele admitting that Beyonce deserved the award for delivering the black anthem of the year, the […]

Scrumptious Sauerkraut: A Probiotic Bursting Food

by Noor H. Salem While discussing numerous tips to begin the new year on a healthy note, I advise adding probiotics to your diet. Probiotics are good, live bacteria. Our bodies need this good bacterium in order to build a balanced gut flora. Consuming a diet high in probiotics is especially helpful in easing digestion, […]