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Pressure Mounts on Myanmar to Stop Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims

Featured Image Credit: Adam Dean/The New York Times by TMO Staff They came out in- London, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Washington, Houston, Arlington, Denver, Birmingham, Toledo, Seattle, Kansas City, Kansas, Los Angeles, Lanham, Tampa, Santa Clara, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Atlanta and in Moscow- to show solidarity with Rohingyas on September 16, yet the military […]

The Russian and the US Religious Right Axis

  by Dr. Aslam Abdullah It was a sensational revelation yet, it could not generate enough discussion even among those who were directly affected by the disclosure. Facebook has acknowledged receiving advertisement money from Russian interest groups for posts announcing anti-Muslim rallies in Idaho in 2016. The revelation was seen as yet another proof of […]

Muslims at the Forefront of Relief Work

by Aisha Asif Media Director at ICNA Relief When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 breaking away the levees and unleashing destruction at a level not seen before, it was then that ICNA Relief stood up for the first time to respond to a disaster. The organization mobilized Islamic centers, mosques, and the Muslim American community […]

Orlando Mosque Welcomes Hurricane Irma Evacuees

by Aysha Qamar While many worshipping and religious houses closed their doors to avoid Hurricane Irma destruction, Tariq Rasheed, the imam of the Islamic Center of Orlando, opened his mosque for people seeking shelter, hosting around 150. After millions were forced to flee as Hurricane Irma traveled up Florida’s west coast, the Islamic Center of Orlando, Jama […]

A Hummus Recipe Bursting with Antioxidants

by Noor H. Salem Certified Holistic Health Coach While traditional hummus, which is a dip made primarily of chickpeas, does not come in the vibrant green color, this twisted version of the traditional comes with a myriad of health benefits for your physical and mental health. Your initial response to spinach hummus might not be so […]

Hajj: The Journey of A Lifetime

by Sofia Begg Latif Hajj has truly been the journey of a lifetime. It was a lesson in recognizing our own insignificance- our bodies physically exhausted and weakened- the perspective of being one among millions under the harsh heat of the Arabian sun, our hearts beating, hands lifted seeking His Mercy.   Together, we all prayed […]

Natural Calamities and Our Response

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Every time a natural calamity occurs some people, who claim to be religious, claim that it is part of a divine punishment meted out to human beings because of the deviation of a few. Scientists tell us that such natural calamities occurred in our world when there were no human beings. […]

No Place to Run, No Place to Hide: How the Genocide in Myanmar Against Muslims Has Unfolded

by Amina Khan Rohingya women, men, and children are ruthlessly being executed by the Myanmar army as a form of ethnic cleansing. These Muslims are being hunted like animals, whilst Buddhists burn and behead them for simply being of Rohingya descent. Despite claims from leader Aung San Suu Kyi that allegations on the government’s participation in […]

A Recipe for Scrumptious Lamb Biryani

by Noor H. Salem Recently, I shared a delectable brownie recipe to include in your Eid treats. Nonetheless, many people might be wondering what to cook up with the lamb meat they may have from Eid. While it’s certainly an option to freeze it, there is no better way to prepare it than now when it’s […]

Delicious Brownie Addition to Your Eid Treats

by Noor H. Salem The days of Eid are here-as the ten blessed days of Dhul Hijjah come to an end- pictures of delicious treats, buffets of candy and treats, and greetings are shared amongst family members and friends. Nonetheless, it becomes a time of indulgence, as many options of sweets and treats are in your […]

DACA: Trump Pronounces the Death of Dreams

by TMO Staff About 800,000 young undocumented immigrants are at risk of deportation, if the president and members of the House and Senate can not make a deal in the next 6 months. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who not only supports increased deportations but has opposed the DACA  (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program since its inception […]

Islamic Centers Leading Relief Efforts in Texas

by Ilyas Choudry Unparalleled Flooding in the Fourth Largest Metropolis of USA, Houston has brought communities together to begin relief efforts. The Pakistani community has started relief efforts with generous donations including one of $50,000- by Mr. S. Javaid Anwar in the Name of his mother Tahira Khatoon to ‘Alliance of Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Efforts’. Houston, Texas: […]

What Are You Feeding Your Infant?

by Noor H. Salem When it comes to purchasing commercially prepared baby food, many are distracted by the cute babies smiling on the packages, that they overlook reading the list of ingredients on the packaging all together. Or perhaps, because the food is marketed as made for infants (although I know many of you mommy’s end […]