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The Rohingya Muslims: The Victims of Pure Genocide

by Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal ‘Genocide’ is the cruelest and most violent form of crime against humanity. It targets people through arson, rape, torture and total annihilation purely based on race, religion and language. Therefore, no one needs to do any wrong for becoming the definitive target of genocide. His or her faith, race, language […]

 Cancer Care for the Children of Gaza

by Susan Schwartz The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), the world’s largest charity dealing with the medical needs of Middle East children, has long been the subject of articles in The Muslim Observer. The PCRF provides many services which include- but are not limited to: medical missions; summer camps for the disabled; hearing aids; customized wheel […]

“Creeping Sharia”: A Myth?

by Amina Khan The term “Sharia law” ignites heated arguments as non-Muslims attempt to define it through tenuous sources. However, concurrently, radical Muslims also disseminate false translations of Sharia for the benefit of their own religious extremism and political gain. So then, what is Sharia and is it something Americans should fear? History and Origin Sharia […]

Superfoods: Hot Cocoa

by Noor H. Salem The cold and windy season is right around the corner and the comforting thought of warm hot chocolate while cuddling in a blanket near your fireplace may come to mind. Unfortunately, however, the majority of store-bought hot chocolate powders come along with a load of sugar, partially hydrogenated oils, additives and dairy […]

Eating Spaghetti on a Gluten-Free Diet

by Noor H. Salem While discussing the modern and widespread fad of gluten-free and grain-free diets, I’ve shared essential tips you should keep in mind if you choose going this route. We’ve discussed the new craze of gluten and grain-free diets and whether they are indeed health optimizing or just another passing fad. Whether you decide […]

IMANA Hosts Successful 50th Anniversary Gala

by TMO Staff  The Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a Gala dinner in Reston, Virginia on Saturday, October 14. The turnout was fantastic and it was a splendid evening honoring IMANA’s milestones. 380 guests including government officials, representatives from several non-profit organizations, friends, and loved ones of IMANA’s community along […]

National Feed The Hungry Day: October 28

by Humera Dasu Pious Projects of America, a not-for-profit charitable organization, started a campaign called Feed The Hungry in 2015. This project aims to get communities across North America involved in making lunches for the homeless and hungry. The first Feed The Hungry campaign took place in Chicago in 2015, where 1,200 meals were made […]

17-year-old Pakistani Scientist Garners International Praise

by Aysha Qamar As one of the first Pakistani’s to participate in the International Young Physicists’ Tournament, then 16-year-old Muhammad Shaheer Niazi, replicated and provided a visualization of an ‘electric honeycomb’ creating international praise. Upon returning from the International Young Physicists’ Tournament in Russia in 2016, Niazi said he decided to get published after receiving encouragement […]

Karbala, A Reminder

Photo Credit: Davoud Ghahrdar by Suraiya Ali There is a story of Karbala that everyone knows. There is a story of a man who was connected to divinity There is a story of a man who knew that he was the prophet’s progeny. There is a story of a man who realized his life was political […]

Iraq Takes Full Control of Kirkuk, Peshmerga React

by Aysha Qamar Earlier this week, the Iraqi army stated it has taken full control of Kirkuk, including the city’s airport and oil field, following a major advance on Kurdish-held territories. According to Al Jazeera, Iraqi security forces had captured the government building in the centre of Kirkuk city with no opposition from Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. […]

World Leaders Condemn Mogadishu Bombings

by Rehan Qamar World leaders from all regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada and France have condemned the weekend truck bombing in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. The explosion has been named the worst single explosion in the East African country’s history. Occurring at busy Zoobe junction, the blast impacted an area of the […]

Mogadishu Bombing: Deadliest Attack in Decades

by Rehan Qamar “Aamin ambulance service was established in 2008 and we have never seen such devastation. Not even in our dreams,” Abdulkadir Abdirahman, director of Mogadishu’s ambulance service, told Al Jazeera. At least 300 people were killed with hundreds seriously injured in an attack being blamed on the extremist group al-Shabaab. The bombing which […]

27th AFMI International Convention in Chicago 2017

by TMO Staff The American Federation of Muslims of Indian origin (AFMI) held its 27th annual convention in Chicago, IL on October 7.  It was a great gathering of intellectuals, academicians, thinkers, and sociologists from India and US, that started at 9:30 AM and went on till midnight and beyond at Shalimar Banquet Hall in Chicago, […]

Sitti Soap: Spreading Hope Through Soap

By Trisha Sales Established in 1968 as a result of the Arab-Israeli war, Jerash Camp is locally known as Gaza camp in Jordan. According to the United Nations Refugee Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), there are more than 29,000 Palestinian refugees registered with many trying to live out of poverty. Various services are available that […]

Muslims aren’t the problem. Yet why are they the only “terrorists”?

by Tina Lapsia First came President Trump’s ‘Muslim’ travel ban, issued with a statement “We don’t want ‘em [Muslims] here.” Nine months later, a white man unleashed havoc in Las Vegas, Nevada, killing 58 innocent concert-goers and wounding hundreds of others, in what has been declared as the worst mass shooting in American history. Since Trump […]

Homemade High-Protein Energy Bites

by Noor H. Salem While it’s essential that you consume an adequate amount of protein for optimum health, especially when working out-many protein bars come along with unwanted ingredients. Although there are now a virtuous number of companies that make high-quality products, it’s also merely simple to make them at home yourself. Along with the high-quality […]