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Terrorism versus Gun Violence

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer If you ask the average American what a threat they feel most to the safety of America, most will respond, terrorism.  Though once the data is shown, a different threat appears. According to various sources such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and Security Data for America, below are the […]

Teen Makes Spreadsheet Proving Muslims Denounce Terrorism … And It Goes Viral

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer Heraa Hashmi is studying molecular biology full time, writing novels, working on a YouTube channel and keeping up with her 54,000 Twitters follower … oh, and she’s just 19. Hashmi is a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, and focuses her non school-related work on everything from social justice to […]

Sign Taunts Donald Trump

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer “Donald Trump: He can’t read this, but he is afraid of it,” reads in Arabic a billboard on I-94, in Dearborn, Michigan that went up last week. The Nuisance Committee, an anti-Donald Trump political action committee, created this ad.  Written in Arabic, this billboard in located on a highway in […]

Cafes Nation Wide Transforming Into ‘Luke’s Diner’ for a Day

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer FERNDALE, MI–Last Wednesday was the 16th anniversary of the premiere of the first episode of “Gilmore Girls”, and fans and creators celebrated this sweet 16 with coffee and nostalgia. The show first aired in 2000 and lasted for seven years.  Even after the show ended, “Gilmore Girls” fans across the country continued […]

Zaman International Celebrates Their 7th Annual Run/Walk Picnic

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer DEARBORN–Zaman International held their seventh annual Zaman Hope for Humanity Run Walk Picnic last Saturday at Ford Field Park in Dearborn, MI. With an estimated 400 people in attendance, this event catered to runners and walkers alike. Beginning at Ford Field Park, this trail took event-goers up to Michigan Ave, down […]

Meet The Hijabis Competing In The Olympics

By: Laura Fawaz, contributing reporter The 2016 Summer Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro, the first South American city ever to host it.  Though that’s not the biggest talk of first timers in this event. Ibtihaj Muhammad, a 30-year-old American Muslim, is making history by being the first to compete for team USA, while […]

Iftar Dinner Welcomes Refugees To Michigan

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer  Dearborn Heights, MI–The Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, MI hosted a special iftar dinner this past Saturday night welcoming all Syrian Refugees.  Sponsored by Who Is Hussain, a local volunteer organization, this event was open to any refugee, be they Muslim or Christian.  The idea for this event […]

No Fatalities in Gas Line Explosion

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer MELVINDALE, Michigan–A drunk driver crashed into a DTE gas line early Saturday morning on the corner of Greenfield and Rotunda in the suburb. The 24-year- old Melvindale resident was driving just before 3 a.m. Saturday morning when he veered towards a DTE training facility, driving for 30 feet before hitting a natural gas line. There […]

First Muslim Elected to the Democratic National Committee

  By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer SAN ANTONIO, Texas–Ahmad J. Durrani has just been announced as the first Muslim and Asian American to fill a seat as a Super-Delegate for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of Texas. Currently, the Texas DNC has designated at-large seats for representing African Americans, Hispanics, Youth, LGBT, Rural, and Labor.  With […]

New Coalition Working To Combat Drug Abuse Stigmas

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer A new coalition working to combat substance abuse and the greater stigma that comes with it, inside the Arab American communities launched last Tuesday with an open town hall meeting. This new coalition, Safety, Addiction, Family and Education, or SAFE, is comprised of psychiatrists, doctors, professionals, judicial officials, and educators.  The […]

Annual Muslim conference hails people from across the country

By Laura Fawaz, contributing reporter Dearborn – The annual Muslim Mental Health Conference took place last week in Dearborn, Michigan, and brought together a variety of professions. Bringing together doctors, psychologists, social workers, religious leaders, government officials, lawyers, and media producers and reporters, the Institute of Muslim Mental Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to […]

At the Muslim Mental Health Conference; APA’s Involvement in Torture

By Laura Fawaz, contributing reporter Dearborn – The Muslim Mental Health Conference took place last week in Dearborn, Michigan, with the main topic revolving around victims of torture, their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and their mental health as a result. The conference jumped right in, beginning with Dr. Nadine Kaslow, psychologist and former president of […]

Lush Fresh Cosmetics Welcomes Refugees

By Laura Fawaz, Contributing Reporter “The current situation in Syria, and the journey for those forced to leave their homes seeking safety from the violence, is heartbreaking,” said Lush Social Good Campaign Specialist, Carleen Pickard. On Feb. 15, all North American Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics stores started to carry a new soap called ‘The Hand […]