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Stop Saying Islam is Feminist

by Sarah Yusuf I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by dozens of intelligent and outspoken Muslim women in my life. They’re all incredible people, with interesting lives and even more compelling thoughts. There is one idea that seems to reverberate through our conversations: gender in Islam. This topic is so vast and diverse, that I […]

7 Muslims You will See on Campus This Fall

By: Marina Ali, contributing writer The new fall semester is upon us. Some of you are just freshmen, learning the ropes of college, or you’re a fourth year getting ready for graduation or maybe even another year. Regardless of how long you’ve experienced higher education, you’ll never fail to see the great diversity of most […]

10 People You See at the Masjid during Ramadan

By Marina Ali, contributing writer With Ramadan almost coming to an end, you’re probably a regular at your masjid. You might even have your own designated spot to each iftar (breaking of the fast) and dinner with your friends by now. Even so, one of the best parts of being at the masjid is to meet […]