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Junaid Jamshed: From Pakistani Rock n’ Roll Icon to Poster Boy of the Tablighi Jamat

By: Sarosh Jafri, community submission Like many of you, I came to learn about the tragic fate of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Flight 661 and was disheartened. What struck me, and probably most of you, the hardest was that Junaid Jamshed was among the 47 dead. This is due to the public notoriety Jamshed has received […]

Joint Letter: From American Muslims to President-Elect Trump

Dear President-Elect Trump, As American Muslims committed to the values of our faith and the principles that underpin our country’s democracy, we write to express serious concerns about policies proposed during your campaign as well as announcements regarding appointments to your upcoming administration. Muslims have been an integral part of the United States since its […]

Post-Election Reflections: Preempt, Prevent, Protect, and Proceed

By Outreach Director for the Michigan Muslim Community Council, Imam Mika’il Stewart Saadiq, contributing columnist After the 2016 Presidential Election, to say the Muslim community is anxious is an understatement. Around the country, reactions to the election range from absolute disbelief to vainglorious celebration. The campaign of Donald Trump enabled and proliferated the blatant, violent […]

Does the First Amendment protect pro-Palestinian student activism on college campuses?

By Engy Abdelkader, community submission Plug in “bullying” into Google and here’s the definition that pops up: “use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.” This October, also known as National Bullying Prevention Month, advocates, educators and parents are working to raise awareness about […]

Muslims and Jews Work Together for Local School

By: Abdallah Kazbour, community submission The Muslim Community Council and Jewish Community relations Council organized the second Nolan Elementary/Middle school makeover. Over 150 volunteers attended to paint murals, prepare classrooms, and organize the school library and hang educational posters. Both the Jewish and Muslim communities collaborated for this event. Nolan’s principal, librarian, teachers and other […]

Federal Court: Bank of America Trial Nears Verdict for Discriminating Against LIFE, an Arab-American Charity

Detroit, MI– A lawsuit before U.S District Court Chief Judge Denise Page Hood accuses Bank of America of ethnic discrimination for arbitrarily closing the accounts of Michigan-based Arab-American charity. Closing arguments are set for Monday 11am, followed by deliberation. Plaintiff Life for Relief & Development (“LIFE”) argues that Bank of America, N.A., (“BANA”) employee Christa […]

Black Lives Matter, says Detroit Imam

By Mustapha Elturk, community submission This racial inequality is at the root of what drives the tension we see in the streets. In addition to police brutality, racial inequity exists in almost every sector of our society, be it education, real estate, the justice system or health care, among many other institutions. Islam teaches that all […]

The Qandeel Baloch Quandary and Pakistan’s Plight with Anti-Honor Killing Legislation

By Nadia B. Ahmad, community submission The strangulation of Qandeel Baloch by her brother in Multan will not lead to any reforms for women’s rights. In fact, it will embolden detractors of freedom of expression and free speech. Domestic violence and honor killings may be taboos, but are openly accepted practices from poor, rural villages […]

Why Muslim Americans Should Not Vote as a Bloc

By Luqman Ahmad, community submission As provocatively empowering as it may sound, American Muslims should not consider voting as a bloc. None of the terms used to describe Muslims living in the United States; Muslim American, American Muslim, or Muslims in America if you like, describe or represent any single race, class, ethnicity, religious or theological […]

Michigan income inequality 11th worst in nation, wealthiest 1% make 22 times more than rest of workers

New League analysis to examine income inequality, severe impact on women and workers of color LANSING—Michigan has the 11th worst income gap in the nation according to a new fact sheet, Time to End Income Inequality, issued today by the Michigan League for Public Policy. The fact sheet shows that the top 1% of Michigan’s […]

18 things to remember for Eid day

By Samana Siddiqui, Sound Vision Part of making Eid special includes removing those obstacles that lead to stress and frustration. This can range from getting lost on the way to prayers to discovering an unsightly stain on new clothes at the last minute. Preparing a day and more in advance helps stave off potential problems […]

Syed Khalid Husain, dies at 70

Syed Khalid Husain, 70, of Huffman, Texas, a man who lived life on his own terms, died May 14, 2016. He was born in New Delhi, one of eight children, and spent his formative years in Lahore, Pakistan. In 1970, he married Talat Rehana Zaidi. They have four children. He was the first of his […]