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  • Money trumps fear in reactions to West’s nuclear accord with Iran

    By Jamsheed K Choksy and Carol E B Choksy The Islamic Republic of Iran boasts the world’s fourth-largest oil reserves, second-largest gas reserves and the 29th-biggest economy, estimated at US$415.3 billion in 2014. Its gross domestic product is growing about 3% a year despite the crippling impact of decades-old sanctions. Not surprisingly, then, potential economic

  • Lonely in Ramadan

    Lonely in Ramadan

    By Reem Faruqi AtlantaMuslim.com “Why did you write this book?” asks the bright-eyed second grader, hand waving with a flourish. I give him a generic answer. What I should have said is, “I wrote this book for YOU. I wrote this book so that you can feel confident about sharing your beliefs. I wrote this

  • Muslims living in tiny homes

    Muslims living in tiny homes

    By Mus’ab Abdalla and Sumaya Mehai There’s a saying that goes, “If there is room in your heart there will be room in your home.” Today we’re going to take you on a journey into our tiny yet nurturing home in Berkeley, California. You may have heard of the growing tiny home movement where people

  • Abercrombie pays $25K damages to hijabi woman

    Abercrombie pays $25K damages to hijabi woman

    OnIslam & News Agencies OKLAHOMA – Writing the final chapter in years-long case, Abercrombie & Fitch has dropped the appeal to a court ruling in favor of a Muslim woman in hijab, paying about $25K to settle the case. “Samantha Elauf’s persistence was a big part of this success,” Veronica Laizure, a civil rights attorney

  • Who is Sandra Bland and why should you care?

    Who is Sandra Bland and why should you care?

      By Rashida Tlaib Sandra Bland, only 28 years old, was one of five sisters who was a musician, loved to serve her community, a summer counselor and passionate about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. She headed to Texas for a new job that she was thrilled about, and family members even described her mood as “ecstatic.”

  • Rafat Ali blazes travel media trail

    Rafat Ali blazes travel media trail

    By Sabiha Ansari and Faisal Masood “Rafat Ali is a global soul.” That’s how the Founder and CEO of Skift, the first and only media brand that covers the business of travel globally, describes himself. And it’s no wonder considering that he’s grown up across three countries (and continents), having lived in the U.S., UK,

  • Defending my client (Part 1 of 2)

    Defending my client (Part 1 of 2)

    By Sajid Khan A new file showed up in my mailbox, Mr. Sanchez, 54 years old, charged with a felony assault crime against a fellow homeless man, set time not waived for trial. I perused the preliminary hearing transcript, where a colleague represented Mr. Sanchez, and noticed that Mr. Sanchez had yelled out during a

  • Pakistani-American races on Belle Isle

    By Laura Fawaz TMO Contributing Reporter Detroit, MI–Nur Ali is the first Muslim and Pakistani American to become a professional racing driver. Last week he completed Red Bull’s Global Rally Cross at Belle Isle in Detroit. “When you’re a kid you want to be a football player, a baseball player, a racecar driver, so my

  • The health of our next generation

    The health of our next generation

    By Noor H. Salem Many times I question the conditions our children and grandchildren will be facing in regards to their health. While driving on the highway I see tons of advertisement of fast food paired with happy faces, aiming at children evidently. Children are going to school and are surrounded by vending machines full

  • Georgia imams praise ancient Qur’an discovery as a proof of Islam

    By Edward Mitchell AtlantaMuslim.com Imams in Georgia are joining Muslims around the world in praising the discovery of an ancient Qur’an manuscript in a British museum. The University of Birmingham announced Wednesday that it had discovered multiple chapters of the Islamic holy book written on animal skin carbon dated to 568-645 CE, making them perhaps the

  • Muslims raise funds for Chattanooga victims

    OnIslam & News Agencies NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Cooperating with interfaith groups, leaders of the Muslim community in Chattanooga, Nashville, have launched a fundraising campaign for the victims of the latest attacks, sending an out loud message against these attacks as contradicting with Islam. “The Chattanooga families lost fathers, brothers, and sons in a deplorable act

  • Can I like this racist movie?

    Can I like this racist movie?

    By Haroon Moghul I was going to start this column with an apology. Last Saturday night, my wife and I watched Kingsman: The Secret Service. We’d had enough of Netflix, so we leapt to Amazon, sacrificing good financial sense for the illusion of substantive choice. The movie was so nice, though, I watched it twice.

  • Nigeria’s Shias commemorate army massacre

    By Rafiu Oriyomi OnIslam Correspondent LAGOS – Nigeria’s Shia movement will on Sunday, July 27, hold an international conference to commemorate the July 25, 2014, massacre in which at least 35 members of the group were gunned down during a peaceful protest on Al-Quds Day in northwestern Zaria town in Kaduna state. “We have lined

  • 5 ways to keep Ramadan momentum alive

    5 ways to keep Ramadan momentum alive

    By Mohannad Hakeem OnIslam.net Ramadan is almost over, but there are tons of opportunities that you can use to keep the Ramadan spirit. I hope that you will find the following 5 tips handy, especially during the first half of Shawwal (lunar month following Ramadan in the Islamic calendar). This article is based on what

  • For the love of the game

    For the love of the game

    By Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Baseball is exciting this year because it features a new crop of young stars that should be the focal point for years to come.  Across the league these younger players are playing the game at a high level and with an incredible amount of passion and respect. It is inspiring to see

  • Charlie Hebdo: No more Prophet cartoons

    OnIslam & Newspapers Almost six months after the deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, its new editor revealed that he will no longer draw cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), to avoid being possessed by its critique of Islam. “The mistakes you could blame Islam for can be found in other religions,”

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