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  • Between God’s love and mercy

    Between God’s love and mercy

    By Hesham Hassaballa Although it is true that God’s Mercy is balanced by God’s Justice, it is still very important to remember the very first thing God highlighted when introducing us to Himself: All praise and thanks is simultaneously and perpetually due to God, the Extremely, Eternally, and Perpetually Loving and Caring. (1:1-2) God could have used

  • Is your drinking water safe?

    Is your drinking water safe?

    Noor H. Salem, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach You’ve undoubtedly learned this in elementary school: water is essential in order for your body to survive and function proficiently. Your body is made anywhere between 60-75% water. Without proper water intake, your health can begin to deteriorate. In fact, when I work with clients who complain

  • Mr. Broast review

    By Sameer Sarmast After a long day taking in the sights of Chicago and walking around the city in somewhat chilly Midwestern weather, I drove towards my sister’s home in Lombard, IL.  Before I could settle in for the night, I had to grab something nearby to eat.  As people who are familiar with me

  • Wanting and having a God who hears all

    Wanting and having a God who hears all

    By Haroon Moghul I landed in a balmy southern paradise. My carry-on and I escaped the terminal to find ourselves teased with a gentle breeze, an absolutely perfect afternoon, the sun still high enough in the sky that I might have thought it could go on forever. For the drive to the hotel, we had

  • Calgary Imams stand up to ISIL recruiters with religious edict

    OnIslam & News Agencies In a step to further protect Calgary Muslims with enough knowledge against radicalism, a group of Calgary imams is increasing its efforts to curb ISIL’s attempts to recruit young people in the area. 37 imams and religious scholars from across Canada endorsed a religious edict (fatwa) issued last month against ISIL,

  • Right or Left, Bill Maher or Bill O’Reilly, it’s still Islamophobia

    Right or Left, Bill Maher or Bill O’Reilly, it’s still Islamophobia

    By Amer F. Ahmed In one of Bill Maher’s most recent Islamophobic moments he compared the pop star Zayn Malik to the recently convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Last year, Bill Maher and Ben Affleck had a major argument about Islam and Muslims on HBO’s Real Time unveiling that Islamophobia is not exclusive to conservatives or

  • Libya and ISIS: what happened?

    By Mieczyslaw P Boduszynski The Conversation It took the brutality and slick videography of ISIS to bring Libya back into the headlines, highlighting the lawlessness that reigns in that country. ISIS’s outrageous atrocities on Libyan soil are a far cry from the optimism I observed in July 2012, when Libyans went to vote in the elections after

  • Adult brother-sister abuse: the taboo topic

    Adult brother-sister abuse: the taboo topic

    By Karin Friedemann TMO Contributing Writer There is a lot written about how childhood sibling rivalry can scar a person for life. Nationwide, sibling violence occurs four to five times as frequently as spousal or parental child abuse. Author of “Sibling Abuse Trauma,” Dr. John V. Caffaro writes about patients who sabotaged themselves in their

  • Toronto Muslim leaders hold networking meeting

    By Muneeb Nasir OnIslam Correspondent TORONTO – In a bid to boost cooperation in the greater Toronto area between local Canadians and the Muslim community, leaders and development workers gathered for a networking meeting on Sunday, April 12. “This is the 5th year that we have been holding a networking meeting,” Muneeb Nasir, President of

  • Taliban and Pakistan

    Taliban and Pakistan

    By Bashir Ahmed On December 16th 2014, Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) attacked the public school in Peshawar killing 150 people including 132 school children. The TTP spokesmen claimed the responsibility and announced that the Peshawar attack was in retaliation to the Pakistani army’s military action against militants in North Waziristan. The young jihadists killed the children

  • Muslim students spread faith awareness

    CHAMPAIGN,IL–Members of the Muslim American Society adopted a unique method to spread awareness about Islam at the University of Illinois. They handed out colorful flowers embellished with the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). “God loves and befriends a servant who is pious, abstinent and unostentatious,” read one of the messages. The University’s chapter of the

  • Award winning Ohio professor remembered fondly

    YOUNGSTOWN,OH–Award winning professor Dr. Irfan A. Khan of Youngstown State University passed away on April 20, 2015 according to a notice published atwww.vindy.com. He was born in India in 1946 and moved to Pakistan in 1947. Dr. Khan came to the United States under the east west scholarship and received a Masters Degree in Civil

  • Muslims seen as saviors of American lamb

    DENVER, CO–The American lamb industry is faced with enormous challenges in its fortunes with the decline in lamb consumption. Increased competition from New Zealand and Australia is also hurting the domestic ranchers. But the Muslim and Hispanic American communities are now being looked as saviors of the industry due to their higher intake of lamb

  • Queens mosque proposal turned down

    QUEENS, NY–Community Board 7 turned down an application for a mosque to be built on Parsons Boulevard in Queens, according to the Times Ledger. The board unanimously denied an application by not-for-profit Masjid-e-Noor to build a mosque on the grounds that it did not fit the character of the neighborhood amid concerns about the building’s

  • International Halal Food Conference Calls for a Unified Halal Standard

    CHICAGO, IL–The 17th International Halal Food Conference, held April 13-15, 2015 in the city of Schaumburg near Chicago, called for a unified set of halal standards to remove ambiguity and instill greater consumer confidence. The conference was attended by industry professionals, food scientists, government officials, academics, and religious scholars from more than a dozen countries,

  • Arizona faiths unite to reject Islamophobia

    OnIslam & News Agencies ARIZONA – The Tempe interfaith community joined forces over the weekend with the local Islamic center on its Open-Day event in a show of solidarity after it was targeted by the infamous hate preacher, Dean Saxton, a student at Arizona State University. Led by Saxton — also known as Brother Dean

  • 5 things to watch as the 2016 campaign gets underway

    By Tom Ehrich Religion News Service As presidential candidacies multiply and campaigning accelerates, we can expect much tawdriness to occur. These are difficult times in American democracy. Money will pour into negative campaigning and ideological posturing. Lies will become the norm. Every word will evoke counterattack, and facts will lose their currency. Barbed sound bites

  • Hillary Clinton’s campaign: will gender matter?

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign: will gender matter?

    By Ann C McGinley The Conversation Now that Hillary Clinton has announced that she will, indeed, run for the presidency, will her gender matter? After Barack Obama, one might argue that gender may no longer be an issue. Not only has he broken the barriers for African American men, but his presidency has also made

  • China and Pakistan launch energy and infrastructure plan worth $46 billion

    China and Pakistan launch energy and infrastructure plan worth $46 billion

    By Katharine Houreld ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – China and Pakistan launched a plan on Monday for energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan worth $46 billion, linking their economies and underscoring China’s economic ambitions in Asia and beyond. China’s President Xi Jinping arrived in Pakistan to oversee the signing of agreements aimed at establishing a China-Pakistan Economic

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