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  • US confidence in religion at new low

    By Cathy Lynn Grossman Religion News Service Americans have less confidence in organized religion today than ever measured before — a sign that the church could be “losing its footing as a pillar of moral leadership in the nation’s culture,” a new Gallup survey finds. “In the ’80s the church and organized religion were the

  • Manitoba Muslims donate food during Ramadan

    WINNIPEG, MANITOBA–Winnipeg’s prominent sports personality Obby Khan kicked off the annual Give 30 campaign which encourages the community to donate to Winnipeg Harvest, the city’s largest food bank. Khan said it’s an important time for people in the community to remember charity in the month of Ramadan. “During the month, we fast from sunrise to

  • Mosque might serve as a temporary shelter for the homeless

    MINNEAPOLIS,MN–A Minneapolis mosque might serve as a temporary shelter for the homeless. The West Bank Community Coalition is discussing the possibility of opening a temporary warming house at the premises of Dar Al Hijrah mosque. The emergency shelter will be open from November to April each year if the plans go forward. The coalition is

  • Fund in memory of Muslim students established at UNC

    CHAPEL HILL,NC–A scholarship fund in the memory of slain Muslim students has been established at the University of North Carolina’s dental school. The endowment of $60,000 has been set-up by the UNC-Chapel Hill and the Dental Foundation of North Carolina in the names of Dean Barakat and Yusor Abu-Salha. The two were killed in their

  • Dr. Saida Rasul honored with Order of British Columbia

    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–Dr. Saida Rasul, a Vancouver area dentist, was honored with the Order of British Columbia award for her remarkable community services. Dr. Saida Rasul is a dentist and community volunteer focused on the improvement of the lives of the less fortunate in British Columbia and in many other countries. During her tenure on

  • El-Sharkawy recognized for leadership award

    FORT WORTH,TX–American Airlines Group has recognized four employees with the 2015 Earl G. Graves Award for Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion for their work in making a lasting impression in the workplace, in the community and as role models in diversity. Among the awardees is Mohamed El-Sharkawy who works as a specialist at Line Maintenance

  • Toronto multifaith iftar for climate

    By Muneeb Nasir OnIslam Correspondent TORONTO – A broad-based coalition of faith communities from across the Greater Toronto Area will gather at the Noor Cultural Centre on Sunday, July 5, for a multifaith climate action Iftar to raise their voices in support of climate justice. “Coming together as a community to break the Ramadan fast

  • How to create your own prayer space

    Aliyyah Rizvi-Bokhari Next time you organize your home, consider adding a special touch to your prayer space. If you don’t have a special spot where you usually pray at home, do make a point to choose one this Ramadhan. Why set aside a personal individual or family prayer space? So that you’ll be able to

  • The Power of One: from the impossible to the inevitable

    By Imam Achmat Salie When Muslims hear this title, they’ll most probably think we’ll discuss the deep faith of Bilal. Bilal, a slave then, was tortured by his master to renounce Islam; Bilal simply uttered Ahad! Ahad! Allah is One! Allah is Indivisible! Racism is a cancer. In 1865 Du Bois’ abolitionist friends thought they

  • At Ramadan, more companies accommodate Muslim employees

    By Julie Poucher Harbin Religion News Service An event earlier this month included a Ramadan quiz, a slideshow of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr commemorations, and a Pakistani and Mediterranean buffet dinner. But this was a not a meet-your-Muslim-neighbor event at the local mosque. It was the 13th annual multicultural Ramadan celebration for both Muslim and

  • Hijabi competes for magazine cover

    Hijabi competes for magazine cover

    By Laura Fawaz, TMO contributing reporter Farmington Hills, MI–Rahaf Khatib of Farmington Hills is a marathon runner who is competing to become the first Muslim woman in hijab on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine. Khatib came across an ad while reading Runner’s World Magazine. The publication was looking for one male and one female

  • IMANA brings medical care to needy worldwide

    By Aatif Ali Bokhari TMO managing editor The Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) is one of a handful of groups that has set up a clinic in Haiti catering to the needs of the people there. Arriving after the Haitian earthquake of 2010, IMANA established a mission in the village of Miragaone, about

  • Divorce ripping apart cross-cultural couples

    Divorce ripping apart cross-cultural couples

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan OnIslam.net US correspondent DALLAS – In the diverse American Muslim community, marriage and divorce could pose a real challenge to people wishing to keep their unions intact, owing in part to where they live and if they are part of a cross-cultural marriage, something more common in Western Muslim partnerships. Fatimazahra

  • Battling gingivitis

    Battling gingivitis

    By Fasiha Hasham The gums or the Gingivae are the soft tissues surrounding the teeth. The gums may becomes swollen, inflamed and may bleed, this condition is referred as Gingivitis and is the most common form of periodontal disease. Some common symptoms related to this condition are Red swollen gums that bleed easily Bad breath

  • Tolerance and the future of Islam

    Tolerance and the future of Islam

    By Haroon Moghul This is part 5 of an ongoing series exploring Islam’s Genesis. I decided to major in philosophy to study humanity’s great minds and ideas. I never imagined I’d be stuck in a secular, liberal, provincial backwater called New York. ‘Philosophy,’ it turned out, was what mostly Christian, largely male, nearly exclusively northwestern

  • In defense of Dylann Roof

    In defense of Dylann Roof

    By Sajid Khan Upon being charged with several counts of murder  for the shooting deaths of nine Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church attendees in Charleston, South Carolina, Dylann Roof appeared in court and was assigned a public defender, a man named Ashley Pennington. So many public defenders, myself included, chose the work or had it

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