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  • Eastern Market’s Annual Flower Day

    Eastern Market’s Annual Flower Day

    By Laura Fawaz TMO Contributing Writer Detroit, MI–The Sunday after Mother’s Day is a day when Detroit’s Eastern Market is transformed into a colorful array of flowers, food and clothes. 2015 was the 49th annual Flower Day. When driving to the Eastern Market for the flower day, you’ll be stopped by the large crowds of

  • Najeeba Syeed receives Faculty Award

    Najeeba Syeed, assistant professor of interreligious education at Claremont School of Theology, received the Fisher Faculty Teacher Award at the annual commencement this week. She was nominated by her students for the award. She is a prolific practitioner and effective educator in the area of conflict resolution among communities of ethnic and religious diversity. Her

  • Motive sought behind man filming mosque

    SAN DIEGO,CA–The Council on American Islamic Relations has asked the authorities to seek the motives of a man seen photographing the license plates of vehicles parked at the Islamic Center of San Diego. According to a press release when members of the mosque approached him to ask about his intentions, the man claimed he did

  • Mosque proposed for Wausau area

    WAUSAU, WI–The growing Muslim population in Wausau has made the current mosque in the area inadequate for them. The Islamic Society of Central Wisconsin has now purchased a building and hopes to convert it into a mosque in the next two years to meet the demand. Adeel Aslam, a member and general secretary of the

  • Muslim students among recipients of Gates Scholarship

    UNCF’s (United Negro College Fund) flagship scholarship program, the Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program, has announced its Class of 2015 high school student recipients. Each of the 1,000 students will be awarded a scholarship that can be used to pursue a degree in any undergraduate major and selected graduate programs at accredited colleges or universities.

  • Atif Qarni runs for Virginia Senate

    DALE CITY,VA–Atif Qarni, a math teacher and former marine, is seeking a seat in Virginia’s senate for the 29th district. So far he is the only Democrat in the race to replace Chuck Colgan, a fellow Democrat who had held the seat for four decades. He had worked in a Washington law firm for eight

  • California official apologizes over ‘ban Islam’ post

    OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – A US Muslim advocacy group has called for the resignation of an El Monte, California, official who posted an Islamophobic comment, urging world countries to ban Islam on social media as discriminatory and un-American. “While [Art] Barrios has the right to his bigoted views, it is unacceptable for a person

  • Does science show spirituality benefits your child?

    By Michael Schulson Religion Dispatches Editor’s Note: The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches. Read more at www.religiondispatches.org. “Spirituality may not speak to you at all,” Lisa Miller writes near the beginning of her new book, The Spiritual Child. “But it is foundational to your child.” Miller is a psychologist at Columbia University

  • Five ways to tell if your mosque is successful or just big

    Five ways to tell if your mosque is successful or just big

    By Maher Budeir Muslim Strategic Initiative The American Muslim Community is making a shift and is generally moving towards professionalizing the operation of our institutions. More and more, I am hearing the right questions being asked about the desire to run things better and to operate masjid finances, facilities and other services better and with

  • Who are the Rohingyas and why are they fleeing?

    Who are the Rohingyas and why are they fleeing?

    By Brian Pellot Religion News Service Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims live in squalor in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State. That number has been falling fast as thousands flee by land and sea in search of better lives and basic survival. Here’s a look at who the Rohingyas are and why they’re leaving Myanmar in

  • Redoing Ramadan

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan TMO Contributing writer This year, inshallah, I’m doing Ramadan right. I’m not talking about the fasting part. Alhamdullah I have the no eating, no drinking think down pat. In fact, as much as I love partaking of food and drink on a regular basis, when Ramadan comes around I seem to

  • Qazzaz Coffee looks to take higher ground

    Qazzaz Coffee looks to take higher ground

    By Sameed Khan TMO Contributing Writer It was 1955 when the 16-year old Anwar Qazzaz found himself in Brazil, seeking to make a living and provide for his family back home in Jerusalem. He eventually found a small, local gig, but was more interested when his friend introduced him to coffee. His pursuit of a

  • Are protein shakes in fact good meal replacements?

    Are protein shakes in fact good meal replacements?

    By Noor Salem You probably didn’t see this coming; someone telling you that the protein shake you’ve been consuming may not be that healthy after all. Yes, you see the advertisement with the bulky men, you see it trending amongst your friends or at the gym, and you’ve come to believe that it’s nutritious. Do

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