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  • For Asian-American students, stereotypes help boost achievement

    For Asian-American students, stereotypes help boost achievement

    By Jennifer Lee The Conversation Conventional wisdom is that all stereotypes are negative and damaging. African Americans are stereotyped as violent and threatening. Employers stereotype mothers as less competent and less committed. And undocumented immigrants are stereotyped as incompetent and untrustworthy. Each of these stereotypes has negative consequences for members of these groups. But is

  • Arrests made in murders of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh

    By Murali Balaji Authorities in Bangladesh announced yesterday that three men suspected of the brutal machete murders of bloggers Avijit Roy and Ananta Bijoy Das have been arrested. But the violence against secular and minority-rights activists continues. Hindu writer Niloy Neelwas murdered just ten days ago. As Meenakshi Ganguly of Human Rights Watch wrote yesterday,

  • The many uses of the bathroom lota

    The many uses of the bathroom lota

    By Wajiha Rizvi LOTA: A small, usually spherical water vessel made of brass, copper or plastic used in South Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa to maintain personal hygiene. “I knew I should’ve put my lota in the safe,” I thought to myself, crestfallen.  I had returned to my hotel room, a trying

  • Hijab is a tough test for women

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan For many Muslim women, the idea of hijab is often in the forefront of their minds – whether they want it to be or not. For those women considering donning the hijab in the workplace, the idea of covering their heads is not only something to be addressed as a faith

  • Veil creates first ever climate-adjusting hijab

    Veil creates first ever climate-adjusting hijab

    By Mahvish Irfan TMO Contributing Writer Athletic apparel, business wear, and firemen suits all have technology incorporated in their clothing so wearers stay cool, dry and comfortable. But what about hijabis? Muslim women who wear the headscarf everyday no matter how blistering hot it is outside – what’s available for them? Nothing, really. Until now.

  • The presidential race: who will be champion?

    The presidential race: who will be champion?

    By Ibrahim Abdul-Matin This year’s presidential playing field can only be described as puzzling. The candidates are all “wildcards” in some way because of their race, class, gender, or fringe ideology. The political establishment from Hilary Clinton to Jeb Bush are certainly paying attention. On one extreme is Donald Trump, echoing old American movements like

  • The little library that did big things

    The little library that did big things

    By Amina Shah AtlantaMuslim.com Why did I bother setting up a children’s library in a masjid? I love hearing that question. It gives me the perfect opportunity to discuss negative attitude towards children coming to mosques. This is a conversation that we must hold over and over, again and again, until every mosque welcomes children with

  • This shouldn’t be funny

    By Haroon Moghul When’s the last time you’ve laughed out loud reading a book? I don’t mean smiled, smirked or chuckled, but had to put it down because you’re really, seriously, audibly cracking up. When you read as I do, which often involves sitting in public spaces, this is as embarrassing as it is exciting.

  • Invisible women (also known as muslimahs)

    Invisible women (also known as muslimahs)

    By Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow Last month, in a train station pizza shop, I sat somehow gulping down a slice while carrying on a professional phone call in between bites. I slowly began to feel stares. Confused ones. Curious ones. And could it be…hostile ones, too? I couldn’t be sure. So, I had to wonder if the people

  • A black male’s poetics of grief

    A black male’s poetics of grief

    By Stephen Jamal Leeper It’s hard being black, I’ve been black for a long time. I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I can go to the emergency hospital right now and just drop dead. ‘What happened?’ ‘He was tired of being black.’ – Paul Mooney Why am I so tired? I’ve asked myself this question over and

  • Masjid Allahu Akbar: 20 years of community

    By Layla Abdullah-Poulos OnIslam US Correspondent LONG ISLAND, NY – While many mosques fall victim to vandalism attacks, Masjid Allahu Akbar in Wyandanch, NY, sets an example of 20 years of success in developing congenial relationships with their non-Muslim neighbors, building a community based on respect and understanding. “We have been here longer than most

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