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The legalization of homosexual marriage: #lovedidn’twin

By Shariq Hafeez TMO Contributing Writer For those of you unfamiliar with the popularized hashtag #LoveWins, allow me to summarize. #LoveWins blazed like a wildfire across the internet on the friday of June 26th. It’s embers and ashes still have a potent heat even today. 502 posts about #LoveWins were made in just the last […]

Wheaton faculty recommends college drop actions against professor

By Emily McFarlan Miller Religion News Service  CHICAGO — Wheaton College’s faculty council unanimously recommended that the administration drop termination proceedings against Professor Larycia Hawkins, according to an email to the faculty obtained by RNS. Hawkins, a tenured associate professor of political science, was placed on administrative leave after she expressed the belief that Muslims […]

Restaurant review: Ellie’s Desi Kitchen

By Sameer Sarmast Two feet of snow, catching up with Making a Murderer on Netflix and dreaming about beach season; these are the things that I can imagine went through most New Yorkers minds this weekend. Yet while everyone else was locked inside their dwellings and had nowhere to go, I was soaking up the […]

To be black, Muslim and unencumbered

By Nadirah Angail I’ve been Muslim all my life. Black too. And you know what? It’s been an enjoyable experience. I have put love into the world and felt that love returned by people who do and don’t look and believe like me. Though I developed an early awareness of the injustices against black people […]

Why Muslims should especially care about MLK Day

By Aisha Yaqoob  AtlantaMuslim.com I practiced it over and over again for weeks on end. I was reciting the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. to family and friends, trying to memorize his “I Have a Dream” speech for an extra credit assignment in the 6th grade. At the time, Dr. King’s words were nothing more […]

Palin’s endorsement fails to excite Trump rallygoers

By Emily Flitter Reuters NORWALK, Iowa – When it comes to influencing the 2016 U.S. presidential race, Sarah Palin’s star power is turning out to be dimmer than expected. There was no ecstasy in the crowd when the former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee endorsed Republican front-runner Donald Trump at a rally in Ames, […]

White privilege and racism in American ‘justice’ laid bare

By Sameed Khan TMO Contributing Writer White privilege is a secret idea: a subtle, quiet thing that steals into many important aspects of our lives and the American situation. Whites routinely have an easier time finding jobs, are more likely to find adequate housing and are more likely to get accepted into institutions of higher […]

Choosing a childfree present

By Farzana Gardee “Do you want to be in your marriage?” She asked me, matter-of-factly. For months I wrestled with this question, always too afraid to broach it during daylight hours. But here we were, in her bright little office, and her words flooded the room. On that day, I did not have an answer […]

Muslim journalists no longer as rare in US newsrooms

Lauren Markoe   Religion News Service Rummana Hussain was one of those children whose Muslim parents envisioned her in a white coat with a stethoscope around her neck. Instead, she became a metro editor and reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times, where she covers criminal courts and remains the only Muslim member of the editorial staff. She […]

Are smoothies a healthy drink?

By Noor H. Salem While smoothies are quickly sought out to be a healthy drink to grab, I’d recommend you be more careful when consuming them. If you are picking up a smoothie from a fast food chain, or even a bottled smoothie at the supermarket, I’d advise you decrease this habit. The majority of […]

Carry The Future helps Syrian refugees on the move

By Laura Fawaz TMO Contributing Reporter “I got back on November 9th, and there hasn’t been a day since that I haven’t thought about them,” said Vice President of Carry The Future, Desi Burns-Porter, while holding back tears talking about the Syrian refugees. Carry The Future is a non-profit organization that began in efforts of […]

The power of fear

By Jennifer Zobair We’ve just returned from an unexpected trip to Florida, where we encountered anoles on a daily basis. These small, quick lizards dart onto sidewalks from under the cover of grass and shrubs and appear suddenly on the sides of buildings from behind shutters and gutters. Their presence unsettled me, not just because […]

Got pasta?

By Noor H. Salem I have to admit, prior to dealing with my clients, I was oblivious of how much of a comfort food pasta is to many. While it’s easy to make, possibly fun for some to eat, and cheap, it’s not the healthiest food to be putting inside your body. I had a […]

It’s time to stop referring to terrorists as ‘jihadists’

By Engy Abdelkader The New York Times recently ran the following headline, “Jihadists deepen collaboration in North Africa.”  Here, “jihadists” refers not to Muslim physicians engaged in humanitarian efforts or activists united in their struggle to impact climate change.  Rather, the ubiquitous term meant affiliates of Al-Qaeda.  With the rise of IS, and another U.S. […]

The plight of the Muslim single parent

By Marina Ali TMO Contributing Writer Single parent. Those two words alone bring about 34% of this country’s population to a jolt[1]. Article after article, statistic after statistic, we read and hear about the rise of single parent homes. It’s only logical, considering how the rate of divorce steadily increases year after year. Yet, we, in the […]

ISNA and ICNA condemn killing of Saudi Shia cleric

By Aatif Ali Bokhari TMO Managing Editor The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have condemned the execution of Saudi Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir An-Nimr and three other Shia activists this week. ICNA and ISNA are two of the largest Sunni Muslim umbrella organizations in North […]

5 amazing scientific miracles in the Quran

By Shariq Hafeez TMO Contributing Writer At the time it was revealed, the Quran described fantastic, marvelous pictures of gigantic solar bodies, endless oceans, individual cells, and many other wonders that exist in God’s domain. “We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. […]