Award Winning Physician: Dr. Anis Ansari

By Hiba Ansari

Spirit_of_Excellence-PhotoAfter 19 years of practicing medicine as a board certified physician of Internal Medicine and Nephrology, my father, Dr. Anis Ansari, earned an honor among many nominations: the Spirit of Excellence Award.  Presented to him by Mercy Medical Center on May 9, 2012, the Spirit of Excellence Award is a testimony to Dr. Ansari’s outstanding performance in providing excellence in quality patient care.  Practicing the evolving dynamics of medicine is a feat alone, but personifying the Mercy Hospital’s mission and value of demonstrating guiding behavior and committing to the highest standard of safety and service is exceptionally commendable.  Dr. Ansari’s Spirit of Excellence Award ceremony was attended by more than 100 Mercy Hospital personnel including board members, physicians, nurses, and staff. 

This award is the fruit of my father’s long journey of perseverance and dedication. After Finishing his Nephrology Fellowship from Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois, He started his practice in the Quad Cities in 1993.  After six years, he made the decision to relocate to Clinton, Iowa – a city without single dedicated Nephrologists within the region.   Since 1999, Dr. Ansari’s expertise has erased the need for patients to seek medical attention outside of travel limits; his commitment to this community has been exponentially appreciated.  Recognizing my last name in supermarkets, patients proudly declare my father as their esteemed doctor.  He has fully blossomed in Clinton and his enthusiastic sense of humor and personality has permeated throughout our entire Clinton County District.  

Currently, Dr. Ansari is serving his second term as chairman of the (largest) Department of Internal Medicine.  He has also served as secretary and treasurer of medical staff as well as steering numerous other committees.  Moreover, He has served as President of the Clinton Islamic Center for the last 7 of its 9 years of founding.  His knowledge travels in many different mediums besides the hospital and clinic.  Dr. Ansari is the author of over 50 articles on medical, religious, and social issues affecting the local and global community.  His audience reads his works in regional, online, and international newspapers/magazines.  My father has also been invited as a radio guest informing about the medical and monetary needs of a Muslim community within the Bahamas, Caribbean. 

Upon receiving the Spirit of Excellence Award, he appreciated the hospital administration effort to recognize those who are putting countless hours to provide quality care to patients.  Regardless of the location providing skilled expertise to bring comfort and improvement to patients is Dr. Ansari’s passion.  In his closing remarks, He said, “having full cooperation of nurses and staff members has made this journey a rewarding experience.  It is with this spirit of cooperation and providing exceptional care to our patients that I accept this Spirit of Excellence Award today.  I will cherish this recognition for a long time,” and we community members will continue to benefit from the works of this honor, God willing.

Hiba Ansari, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL.


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  1. Shahab Uddin
    Shahab Uddin says:

    I am Shahab Uddin, a friend of Dr. Anis Ansari and belong to the same region of India. I know Dr. Ansari’s father Dr. Salam Ansari, a simple honest and a great teacher. We are very proud of Dr. Anis Ansari’s achievement and pray more success to this friend of mine.