Double Suicide Attack in Baghdad Kills Dozens


Double Suicide Attack in Baghdad Kills Dozens

by Rehan Qamar

Another horrific incident occurs in Iraq, adding to the increasing country death toll, as a twin suicide bombing occurs in central Baghdad.

According to the Iraqi Ministry of Health, at least 27 people were killed and many others injured Monday, from the twin suicide bombing which occurred in a heavily crowded market street in central Baghdad. 

Security forces, and medical teams rushed to the scene to contain the area after the attack, hurrying to clear the debris and help as many people as possible. Injuries totaled to about 100 people, officials said. 

Most of the victims included large groups of laborers who usually gathered in the morning looking for work.

Monday’s suicide attack marked the second deadliest attack to hit the city of Baghdad in the past three days.

Earlier that week, on a Saturday, a suicide bomber attacked a Shitte gathering in a market square. Killing 41 people and injuring at least 33 people. The attack took place in a crowded market tent in the neighborhood of Shaab. ISIS later claimed responsibility in an online statement.

Baghdad has been a key target to the terror group, ISIS, as they gained land in 2014.

As of now, No group has taken responsibility for either attacks done in the past days.The attack in Aviation square was deemed the deadliest attacks in Baghdad since the massive truck bombing. Which killed 324 and injured many, in a commercial district of Karrada, July 2016. This bombing was the single deadliest attack Iraq has faced since the 2003 US invasion that exiled Saddam Hussein.

Iraq has been subject to many attacks in the past from ISIS which have been occurring after the Iraqi government claiming victory over ISIS. They had claimed this victory after regaining control of an estimated one third of the country that had been under ISIS control.

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