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Beacon of Hope Hospice Extends Compassionate Care into Clinton County

By Dr. Anis Ansari

Dr._Anis_Ansari-2013_BestHospice care plays an essential role in the services made available by a hospital to their patients. When the time comes to consider end-of-life care for yourself or a loved one, it is important to have complete and accurate information in order to make a confident, well-educated, decision.

Hospice care is available to individuals who have a life-limiting illness, generally requiring a prognosis of 6 months or less if the illness runs its normal course.   Hospice teams are dedicated to improving the quality of life of those facing end-of-life issues, allowing them to face this time with dignity, compassion, and peace. Their nurses are available 24/7 to take care of all of the patient’s needs. The team includes the Hospice Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Primary Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant, Social Worker, Chaplain and Volunteers, in addition to a Bereavement team to support the family during the grieving process.

In 2007, there were 1.5 million hospice care patients in US; this number is expected to grow to 27 million by 2050.   Although cancer was once the predominant diagnosis, there are now many others qualifying illnesses, including:  heart disease, COPD, neurological disease, stroke or coma, lung, liver, and kidney disease, and any life-limiting diagnosis.

Beacon of Hope Hospice (BHH) is dedicated solely to hospice care.  For those who find themselves in the difficult position of knowing that their condition will likely result in a life-limiting diagnosis, but not yet prepared or qualified to move into hospice care, Beacon of Hope offers the Connections Program to provide ongoing support until hospice care is needed.

BHH is Medicare Certified, and Hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies.  BHH has branches in Iowa, Illinois, Arizona and Nevada. They have long been a provider of quality care in the Quad Cities and the Galesburg areas, and are happy to be able to extend their services into Clinton County and the surrounding areas.   

Beacon of Hope Hospice has named Dr. Anis Ansari as their new Medical Director for this area. He practices at Medical Associates and is well known for his excellent care and article writing skills. He has been practicing medicine for 21 years. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, and was recently named one of the “Leading Physician of the World and Top Nephrologists in Clinton” in 2013.

For more information on Beacon of Hope Hospice or to make a referral, please contact them at (563)391-6933, Toll Free (888) 932-2732, or visit their website at BeaconofHopeHospice.org. We look forward to serving the river cities area.

Anis Ansari, MD, FASN
New Medical Director, BHH


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