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Beautiful Miladun Nabi (s) at Tawheed Center, Farmington

By Adil James, TMO


Farmington–January 26–The Tawheed Center hosted a beautiful Miladun Nabi (s) program this past Sunday.

About 200 people celebrated the month of the holy birth of the best person in creation from beginning to end, Prophet Muhammad (s).

Mostly the event was composed of people singing praises of Prophet (s) in Urdu, but  there was one speech in English, by Dr. Nakadar of the Muslim Observer, and another speech in Urdu by Shaykh Muniruddin of Minhajul Qur`an in India. 

Many in the audience cried tears of devout love for the Holy Prophet (s) on hearing the beautiful qasidas sung with heart-felt emotion by many men and women with angelic and beautiful voices.

Dr. Nakadar began by saying that we celebrate the birth of Prophet (s) during the month of Rabiul Awwal, which means the “first spring.”  He spoke of Prophet’s (s) greatness, saying that he is Rahmatan lil aalameen, the Mercy for all the worlds, and mentioning the hadith that all of creation was created from the light of Prophet (s). 

Dr. Nakadar said that throughout the year we reflect on the teachings of Islam, but especially this month.

The doctor mentioned several verses of Qur`an indicating Prophet’s (s) extreme greatness, including “Innal Laha wal malaikatahu yusalloona ‘alan Nabi Ya Ayyuhal ladheena amanu sallu ‘aleihi wa sallimu tasleema” and “khuluqin ‘adheem” and reciting the hadith from Sayyida A’isha (ra) that Prophet’s (s) character was Qur`an.

He said that the path to God is kindness, that paradise lies at the feet of the mother, and emphasized that Prophet (s) never sought revenge despite the many attempts against his holy life.

He emphasized the importance of cultivating the internal qualities of Prophet (s)–who never grew angry with people on his own behalf and was always incredibly patient–this patience attracted people to Islam.

Dr. Nakadar said that he had once given medical treatment to a virulently anti-Muslim Hindu who had come at an inopportune time to ask for help.  After Dr. Nakadar helped the man he ceased his anti-Muslim activities and did his best to be tolerant and helpful to Muslims.

The shaykh from Minhajul Qur`an said that worship is necessary but that the prescribed acts of worship actually don’t take a very big portion of a person’s day.  Hajj, fasting, salat, zakat and shahada don’t take very much time and yet we should fill our days with worship–men and jinn were created for ‘ibadah.  And so the shaykh argued that continuous ‘ibada consists of the prescribed worship but also of acts of kindness and being of service to the community.  He specifically mentioned that an extremely important part of worship is looking at one’s father and mother with respect.


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