Calls For Justice For Trayvon Martin And End To Inner-City Violence

Press Release

(Chicago, IL-March 30, 2012) – The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago joins all Americans in calling for justice for Trayvon Martin and the arrest of his killer George Zimmerman.  CIOGC also calls on the Chicago Police Department to exert all means at its disposal, to bring an end to rising violence and death of young men and women in Chicago’s inner city.

The case of Trayvon Martin, underscores the importance of the need to bring attention to rising violence in the inner cities of America. In the past two weeks, more than 25 young men and women have been shot and killed   in Chicago.  Of the 167 gun violence deaths in Chicago, between 1991 and 2011, 122 (73%) were Black, 24 (14.5%) Latino,  12 (7%  white,  1  (.05 %) Asian, and 7 (5%) of unknown racial background. 

Under the excuse of gang violence, many of the killers are yet to be arrested.

Justice should be equally applied and the tendency of tolerating the killing of young black men by the general public and the “system” because of who they are must cease. CIOGC calls for the treatment of black murders by the justice system the same way as that of non blacks.

“We stand in solidarity with the family of Trayvon Martin in their quest to seek justice for the murder of their son. Trayvon’ life is as precious as the life of any of us,” Dr. Zaher Sahloul, Chairman of the CIOGC said.

“Like every American suspected of crime, Mr. Zimmerman should defend himself in a jury trial of his peers instead of the media circus of his family,” says Imam Misbahu Rufai, CIOGC Director for Urban Development.


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