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  • Iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria

    UNHCR representative Laurens Jolles said survival sex was directly proportional to general refugee impoverishment. “We are more and more confronted with examples of young girls or women who have decided on their own or through their families to get involved in night clubs to supplement the family income or just to look after their children,” Jolles added.

  • Why Michiganders Should Vote for Ron Paul in Primary

    Then there is the way to send a message and make your vote count. First of all, let me be clear: Any person who has registered to vote, in Michigan, by December 17th can vote for either one Democrat or one Republican. You do not need to register as the member of a party. The national Republican Party is seating half of Michigan’s delegates at its national convention; the Republican votes count. Those who support Obama because of his stance against the Iraq war and torture, can send a message by voting for a Republican who holds such views and has a voting record to prove it: Ron Paul.

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