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  • How to create your own prayer space

    Aliyyah Rizvi-Bokhari Next time you organize your home, consider adding a special touch to your prayer space. If you don’t have a special spot where you usually pray at home, do make a point to choose one this Ramadhan. Why set aside a personal individual or family prayer space? So that you’ll be able to

  • The Power of One: from the impossible to the inevitable

    By Imam Achmat Salie When Muslims hear this title, they’ll most probably think we’ll discuss the deep faith of Bilal. Bilal, a slave then, was tortured by his master to renounce Islam; Bilal simply uttered Ahad! Ahad! Allah is One! Allah is Indivisible! Racism is a cancer. In 1865 Du Bois’ abolitionist friends thought they

  • Divorce ripping apart cross-cultural couples

    Divorce ripping apart cross-cultural couples

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan OnIslam.net US correspondent DALLAS – In the diverse American Muslim community, marriage and divorce could pose a real challenge to people wishing to keep their unions intact, owing in part to where they live and if they are part of a cross-cultural marriage, something more common in Western Muslim partnerships. Fatimazahra

  • Who’s your husband?

    By Samar Ahmed Alt Muslimah Now, that may sound like a weighty question for a single mom to answer, but I welcome it. My four-year-old has been interested in my love life as of late (kindergarten matchmaker perhaps?) and she has approached me with one question after another on the matter.  Fortunately, her interrogations amuse

  • My Halal Kitchen halalifies global cuisine

    My Halal Kitchen halalifies global cuisine

    By Mahvish Irfan TMO contributing writer No global cuisine has to be off limits because of halal dietary restrictions. Dishes that include alcohol and pork, the two main ingredients prohibited for consumption in Islamic tradition, can all be “halalified,” or substituted with wholesome, quality products that’ll make your mouth water. Yvonne Maffei, Founder of My

  • Voters to Erdogan: ‘not so fast’

    Bahar Leventoglu ISLAMiCommentary Turkish democracy, as every other democracy, works in interesting ways. In 1983, the voters voted for the only civilian party in general elections — signaling to the military that it was time to go back to the barracks. Similarly, after a decade of failing coalition governments in late 1990s, in 2002 the

  • Should non-Muslims fast in solidarity with Muslims?

    Should non-Muslims fast in solidarity with Muslims?

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan OnIslam correspondent For Muslims around the world, the rites of Ramadan – fasting from food and drink from sun up until sun down, Taraweeh prayer, striving for spiritual growth – are shared amongst our global community of more than 1 billion believers. However, whether or not those rites and rituals should

  • Do we still need ‘Arab’ or ‘Pakistani’ mosques?

    Do we still need ‘Arab’ or ‘Pakistani’ mosques?

    By Maher Budier and Ibrahim Sherman AtlantaMuslim.com Muslim organizations in America have worked hard over the past few decades to establish themselves and create stable institutions. They have gone from praying in rented houses to congregating in wonderful buildings, from attending the most basic Sunday schools to educating students with advanced teachers and textbooks, from

  • Reclaiming your emotional balance during Ramadan

    By Sayeda Habib Salam alaikum to all my brothers and sisters! The holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching, and you, like many others, may be reflecting on how the past year has unfolded. You may have made some resolutions last Ramadan and are now reflecting upon them. Are you on track with your goals?

  • Love is so much more fun than hate on wheels

    By Rashida Tlaib TMO Contributing writer When you hear about protests or rallies, you don’t instantly think of a bunch of angry people on motorcycles, carrying guns in front of a religious institution. Well, that actually happened in Arizona this past weekend. Of course, the media failed us again by using labels that diminished the

  • How positive are you?

    How positive are you?

    By Sayeda Habib Welcome to this article on developing a productive mindset. The words “positive” and “negative” are thrown around a lot these days. Recall the last time you heard someone tell you to be positive. Did it make it easy to do it? We all suffer daily stresses, not to mention, are witnessing so

  • A closer look at charitable giving

    By R. David Coolidge American life is defined by the intersection of three institutional sectors: public, private, and non-profit. Public denotes governmental institutions, like the IRS through which we pay for federal institutions like the National Park Service. The private sector is dominated by for-profit corporations, such as Apple, which manufactured the laptop through which I am writing

  • Does science show spirituality benefits your child?

    By Michael Schulson Religion Dispatches Editor’s Note: The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches. Read more at www.religiondispatches.org. “Spirituality may not speak to you at all,” Lisa Miller writes near the beginning of her new book, The Spiritual Child. “But it is foundational to your child.” Miller is a psychologist at Columbia University

  • Five ways to tell if your mosque is successful or just big

    Five ways to tell if your mosque is successful or just big

    By Maher Budeir Muslim Strategic Initiative The American Muslim Community is making a shift and is generally moving towards professionalizing the operation of our institutions. More and more, I am hearing the right questions being asked about the desire to run things better and to operate masjid finances, facilities and other services better and with

  • Redoing Ramadan

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan TMO Contributing writer This year, inshallah, I’m doing Ramadan right. I’m not talking about the fasting part. Alhamdullah I have the no eating, no drinking think down pat. In fact, as much as I love partaking of food and drink on a regular basis, when Ramadan comes around I seem to

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