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  • Jesus’ message embraced by Islam and Christianity

    By Karin Friedemann TMO Contributing Writer The most religiously significant Christian holiday, Good Friday is upon us; celebrated as the day that Jesus was tortured and then crucified by the Roman regime. Many old churches in Europe are decorated with very gory pictures of his suffering, generally called “The Passion of Christ.” While some might

  • Muslim community’s mental health stigma stops healing

    Muslim community’s mental health stigma stops healing

    By Mahvish Irfan Mental illness is an issue affecting nearly 1 in 5 adults. While the Muslim demographic is no different from other demographics in terms of the type of mental issues they face, they are much more susceptible to not receiving proper treatment due to the extreme cultural stigma and lack of understanding associated

  • Standing together for #MARCH2JUSTICE

    Standing together for #MARCH2JUSTICE

    By Rashida Tlaib Why should American Muslims support #MARCH2JUSTICE from New York to DC? “We MARCH2JUSTICE because we believe that together, we can change the landscape of this nation and prove once and for all that ALL men and women are created equal. And we ALL have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit

  • The key to real Middle East change: police reform

    The key to real Middle East change: police reform

    By Mieczyslaw P Boduszynski, The Conversation The recent Justice Department report into policing in Ferguson was scathing about the Missouri force’s bigotry and profit-driven law enforcement. Its findings have resonated with minority communities across America – from Michigan and Washington to California – who have long felt that their police services are predatory rather than

  • Kindness, kittens, and Malcolm X

    Dear: Editor of TMO I really enjoyed reading the latest addition of your paper!! Especially your article about kindness with the picture of the Kitten laying on his/her back. In this face paced world we need more kindness and respect for diverse cultures and tolerance. Additionally, the article about the late Malcolm X’s concern for

  • Writing beyond words

    Writing beyond words

    By Haris A. Durrani Writing beyond words By Haris A. Durrani   The first creative writing piece I workshopped in undergrad told the story of a Pakistani engineering student who rebuilds her father’s mystical gulab jamun machine and saves Manhattan from a gang of neo-Nazis and their patrons on Wall Street. It was narrated by

  • Overcoming neglect: true life precedes true love

    Overcoming neglect: true life precedes true love

    By Karin Friedemann, TMO Contributing writer In nature, animal offspring is occasionally rejected by the mother. This leads to almost certain death. The reasons could vary from the mother’s lack of resources – for example a starving dog might only be willing to nurse the strongest two puppies and let the other ten die –

  • The endless possibilities of spring

    The endless possibilities of spring

    By Karin Friedemann TMO Contributing Writer Surely God Who gives the dead earth life will raise the dead also to life. Indeed, He has power over all things. (Quran 41:39) As I scrape the ice off my car, I find it hard to believe that Spring is almost here. The world around me has been

  • Muaddhin: a historic journey across America

    Muaddhin: a historic journey across America

      By Jameel A. Syed, SMM Growing up Muslim in America, I faced my fair share of struggles, setbacks and successes. It was a trial, day after day, and I grew up unsure of where I fit in. Was my place best within the American diaspora? Or was I forever slated to be an outsider,

  • Muslims, Muggles, and Musallahs

    Muslims, Muggles, and Musallahs

    By Rashid Dar It was always dark by the time I finished the journey there from an hour away. But I didn’t mind?—?the smooth, nighttime drive was always a sort of therapy that I came to look forward to. Like many in my generation, I had graduated college and held a few cool temp jobs

  • Rachel Corrie: gone but not forgotten

    By Marium Mohiuddin TMO Contributing Writer Twelve years ago this year, a brave 23-year-old U.S. human rights activist stood in front of an Israeli military bulldozer to protest the demolition of homes in Gaza. Sadly that day, the world lost a fearless freedom fighter, Rachel Corrie was crushed to death. Shock doesn’t completely sum up

  • A new normal for American Muslims

    A new normal for American Muslims

    By Arzu Kaya-Uranli  “Honey, don’t get me wrong, but maybe it’s better if you remove these Arabic words from above your door for a while,” my 70-year-old neighbor softly advised me as she was leaving my house. I must have given her a puzzled look because she explained, “Crazy things are happening in the world,

  • Villains, heroes, and other fantasies:  imagining Muslims on and off-stage

    Villains, heroes, and other fantasies:  imagining Muslims on and off-stage

    The use of theater and other popular cultural representations to idolize, demonize, or racialize a community is not a new phenomenon. In medieval and early modern European literature and theater, for example, Muslim characters have been present for centuries as protagonists, villains, anti-heroes, even heroes. Off-stage, they represented powerful surrounding empires. On stage and in

  • Just married, why am I not happy?

    By Sadaf Farooqi OnIslam.net Many problems that appear to be very monstrous in the beginning of a marriage, automatically get sorted out with time and the winds of change. “Such a lovely couple!” “Her face is glowing, Masha’ Allah.” “They look so good together …” “I love her henna and jewelry.” Such comments are commonly heard at the walimah receptions

  • “Islam in America”: A conversation with Jonathan Curiel (book Q & A)

    By Joseph Richard Preville and Julie Poucher Harbin ISLAMiCommentary How do Muslims fit into the quilt of American history? Jonathan Curiel investigates this question in his new book, Islam in America (I.B. Tauris, April 28, 2015). “America’s first Muslims,” he writes, “were perceived as less than human – people put in chains, forced to do field work

  • At its core, American Sniper is about white fear

    At its core, American Sniper is about white fear

    By Joseph Lowndes The Conversation Liberal writers have been lining up for the last month and a half to decry American Sniper along comfortable and predictable ideological lines. “Macho Sludge” was the title of an Alternet piece by David Masciotra. Chris Hedges called it “a grotesque hyper-masculinity that banishes compassion and pity.” Meanwhile, comedian Bill Maher characterized it as a film “about a

  • Islam: a moderate movement by design

    By Imam Mika’il Stewart Saadiq For years now I have heard the word “extreme” become extremely popular. In the mid to late 90s, the word extreme was used as a prefix to excite young risk takers and to promote everything from candy to sporting events. Post 9/11, the suffix “ist” – someone who is proficient,

  • Regular kindness, the best of deeds

    Regular kindness, the best of deeds

    By Karin Friedemann TMO Contributor “The best loved deeds to Allah are the ones that are continuous even if they are not very many.” The importance of continuous good deeds was demonstrated to me by a cat named Golden, who ended up living in my home at my children’s insistence. Originally a stray kitten taken

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