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  • Public School or Islamic School?

    by Khadijah Maimuna One of the biggest decisions all parents face: where and how to educate their children. For Muslim parents, this is a particularly difficult question with two common answers: Islamic school or public school. The advantages of an Islamic education should be evident, but it is important for Muslim parents to ask themselves the

  • Why defeating ISIS with military might is starry eyed idealism

    Why defeating ISIS with military might is starry eyed idealism

    By David Alpher Just this past weekend of July 4, US-led coalition aircraft targeted the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria. It was one of the “largest deliberate engagements to date,” said a coalition spokesman, and it was executed “to deny [ISIS] the ability to move military capabilities throughout Syria and into Iraq.” The scale

  • A Case for the Bivocational Imam

    A Case for the Bivocational Imam

    By Imam Khalis Rashaad Unless you’re living under a rock somewhere, you’ve probably heard something of the numerous stories of Imams leaving their posts. These are not your normal run of the mill, unqualified religious preachers. These brothers are the cream of the crop. Furthermore they are relevant, speak well, look sharp and have broad

  • Meet me in the middle path

    Meet me in the middle path

    By Rana Moustafa Cancer took my grandmother when I was 17-years-old. Actually God did. At the time, I was a high school social butterfly, fully immersed in the world and all its distractions, but within a year of my grandmother’s death, I underwent a metamorphosis. My grandmother’s health began to fail in 2011 and within

  • I was forced to accept Islam

    I was forced to accept Islam

    By Danielle LoDuca OnIslam.net I never aspired to be a Muslim. I didn’t even want to be a Christian. The whole concept of ‘organized religion’ was distasteful. I sought to use my mind, not resort to some ancient book for assistance in living my life. If you had offered me millions of dollars to join

  • 17 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Is Not Fasting

    By Brooke Benoit OnIslam.net Even though the Quran and sunnah give clear guidance about who is excused from fasting from food and drink during Ramadan, in a hurtful and dangerous common practice, many Muslims wrongfully try to pressure excused Muslims into fasting. While the questioners can argue that they are only seeking to “advise” their fellow believer

  • Ramadan and repentance, through a child’s eyes

    Ramadan and repentance, through a child’s eyes

    By Shazia Memon I was nine years old when I made one of my first major pleas of repentance to God. It was Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting. Kids are not required to fast until they hit puberty, but even in kindergarten, I hated being left out of Ramadan and begged my parents

  • Book review: Reclaim Your Heart

    By Atiya Hasan TMO contributing writer It’s no secret that the ritualistic aspects of Islam hold the highest of importance, like the daily prayers and performing hajj. The salah is something every Muslim struggles with, at some time or another, to commit to on a daily basis and, for a lot of us, it is

  • From South Carolina to Northern Ireland: why the flags we fly matter

    By John Brewer Following the tragic shooting of nine black worshippers at a church in Charleston, the national focus in the US has turned to a debate about whether the Confederate flag – the symbol of the Southern slave states who lost the American Civil War – should fly atop the South Carolina State House. It may seem strange

  • How to create your own prayer space

    Aliyyah Rizvi-Bokhari Next time you organize your home, consider adding a special touch to your prayer space. If you don’t have a special spot where you usually pray at home, do make a point to choose one this Ramadhan. Why set aside a personal individual or family prayer space? So that you’ll be able to

  • The Power of One: from the impossible to the inevitable

    By Imam Achmat Salie When Muslims hear this title, they’ll most probably think we’ll discuss the deep faith of Bilal. Bilal, a slave then, was tortured by his master to renounce Islam; Bilal simply uttered Ahad! Ahad! Allah is One! Allah is Indivisible! Racism is a cancer. In 1865 Du Bois’ abolitionist friends thought they

  • Divorce ripping apart cross-cultural couples

    Divorce ripping apart cross-cultural couples

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan OnIslam.net US correspondent DALLAS – In the diverse American Muslim community, marriage and divorce could pose a real challenge to people wishing to keep their unions intact, owing in part to where they live and if they are part of a cross-cultural marriage, something more common in Western Muslim partnerships. Fatimazahra

  • Who’s your husband?

    By Samar Ahmed Alt Muslimah Now, that may sound like a weighty question for a single mom to answer, but I welcome it. My four-year-old has been interested in my love life as of late (kindergarten matchmaker perhaps?) and she has approached me with one question after another on the matter.  Fortunately, her interrogations amuse

  • My Halal Kitchen halalifies global cuisine

    My Halal Kitchen halalifies global cuisine

    By Mahvish Irfan TMO contributing writer No global cuisine has to be off limits because of halal dietary restrictions. Dishes that include alcohol and pork, the two main ingredients prohibited for consumption in Islamic tradition, can all be “halalified,” or substituted with wholesome, quality products that’ll make your mouth water. Yvonne Maffei, Founder of My

  • Voters to Erdogan: ‘not so fast’

    Bahar Leventoglu ISLAMiCommentary Turkish democracy, as every other democracy, works in interesting ways. In 1983, the voters voted for the only civilian party in general elections — signaling to the military that it was time to go back to the barracks. Similarly, after a decade of failing coalition governments in late 1990s, in 2002 the

  • Should non-Muslims fast in solidarity with Muslims?

    Should non-Muslims fast in solidarity with Muslims?

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan OnIslam correspondent For Muslims around the world, the rites of Ramadan – fasting from food and drink from sun up until sun down, Taraweeh prayer, striving for spiritual growth – are shared amongst our global community of more than 1 billion believers. However, whether or not those rites and rituals should

  • Do we still need ‘Arab’ or ‘Pakistani’ mosques?

    Do we still need ‘Arab’ or ‘Pakistani’ mosques?

    By Maher Budier and Ibrahim Sherman AtlantaMuslim.com Muslim organizations in America have worked hard over the past few decades to establish themselves and create stable institutions. They have gone from praying in rented houses to congregating in wonderful buildings, from attending the most basic Sunday schools to educating students with advanced teachers and textbooks, from

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