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  • Reclaiming your emotional balance during Ramadan

    By Sayeda Habib Salam alaikum to all my brothers and sisters! The holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching, and you, like many others, may be reflecting on how the past year has unfolded. You may have made some resolutions last Ramadan and are now reflecting upon them. Are you on track with your goals?

  • Love is so much more fun than hate on wheels

    By Rashida Tlaib TMO Contributing writer When you hear about protests or rallies, you don’t instantly think of a bunch of angry people on motorcycles, carrying guns in front of a religious institution. Well, that actually happened in Arizona this past weekend. Of course, the media failed us again by using labels that diminished the

  • How positive are you?

    How positive are you?

    By Sayeda Habib Welcome to this article on developing a productive mindset. The words “positive” and “negative” are thrown around a lot these days. Recall the last time you heard someone tell you to be positive. Did it make it easy to do it? We all suffer daily stresses, not to mention, are witnessing so

  • A closer look at charitable giving

    By R. David Coolidge American life is defined by the intersection of three institutional sectors: public, private, and non-profit. Public denotes governmental institutions, like the IRS through which we pay for federal institutions like the National Park Service. The private sector is dominated by for-profit corporations, such as Apple, which manufactured the laptop through which I am writing

  • Does science show spirituality benefits your child?

    By Michael Schulson Religion Dispatches Editor’s Note: The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches. Read more at www.religiondispatches.org. “Spirituality may not speak to you at all,” Lisa Miller writes near the beginning of her new book, The Spiritual Child. “But it is foundational to your child.” Miller is a psychologist at Columbia University

  • Five ways to tell if your mosque is successful or just big

    Five ways to tell if your mosque is successful or just big

    By Maher Budeir Muslim Strategic Initiative The American Muslim Community is making a shift and is generally moving towards professionalizing the operation of our institutions. More and more, I am hearing the right questions being asked about the desire to run things better and to operate masjid finances, facilities and other services better and with

  • Redoing Ramadan

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan TMO Contributing writer This year, inshallah, I’m doing Ramadan right. I’m not talking about the fasting part. Alhamdullah I have the no eating, no drinking think down pat. In fact, as much as I love partaking of food and drink on a regular basis, when Ramadan comes around I seem to

  • Mothering in the Shadows

    By Ambata Kazi-Nance It’s late at night, or maybe the wee hours of the morning before dawn. It’s quiet, the kind of quiet where you can hear the breathing patterns of everyone in the house and the creaks in walls and ceilings like invisible footsteps. Soft, yellow light glows like a halo around my crib.

  • Baltimore riots: the fire this time and the fire last time and the time between

    Baltimore riots: the fire this time and the fire last time and the time between

    By Chad Posick, Kate Drabinski & Michael Sierra-Arevalo The Conversation Re-Development and the uprisings Kate Drabinski, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Today, the news media will look over the aftermath of yesterday’s uprising in Baltimore and take stock of the burned remains of cars and storefronts. Reporters will also see the shells of 46,000 empty

  • Right or Left, Bill Maher or Bill O’Reilly, it’s still Islamophobia

    Right or Left, Bill Maher or Bill O’Reilly, it’s still Islamophobia

    By Amer F. Ahmed In one of Bill Maher’s most recent Islamophobic moments he compared the pop star Zayn Malik to the recently convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Last year, Bill Maher and Ben Affleck had a major argument about Islam and Muslims on HBO’s Real Time unveiling that Islamophobia is not exclusive to conservatives or

  • Libya and ISIS: what happened?

    By Mieczyslaw P Boduszynski The Conversation It took the brutality and slick videography of ISIS to bring Libya back into the headlines, highlighting the lawlessness that reigns in that country. ISIS’s outrageous atrocities on Libyan soil are a far cry from the optimism I observed in July 2012, when Libyans went to vote in the elections after

  • Adult brother-sister abuse: the taboo topic

    Adult brother-sister abuse: the taboo topic

    By Karin Friedemann TMO Contributing Writer There is a lot written about how childhood sibling rivalry can scar a person for life. Nationwide, sibling violence occurs four to five times as frequently as spousal or parental child abuse. Author of “Sibling Abuse Trauma,” Dr. John V. Caffaro writes about patients who sabotaged themselves in their

  • 5 things to watch as the 2016 campaign gets underway

    By Tom Ehrich Religion News Service As presidential candidacies multiply and campaigning accelerates, we can expect much tawdriness to occur. These are difficult times in American democracy. Money will pour into negative campaigning and ideological posturing. Lies will become the norm. Every word will evoke counterattack, and facts will lose their currency. Barbed sound bites

  • Hillary Clinton’s campaign: will gender matter?

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign: will gender matter?

    By Ann C McGinley The Conversation Now that Hillary Clinton has announced that she will, indeed, run for the presidency, will her gender matter? After Barack Obama, one might argue that gender may no longer be an issue. Not only has he broken the barriers for African American men, but his presidency has also made

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