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  • International Halal Food Conference Calls for a Unified Halal Standard

    CHICAGO, IL–The 17th International Halal Food Conference, held April 13-15, 2015 in the city of Schaumburg near Chicago, called for a unified set of halal standards to remove ambiguity and instill greater consumer confidence. The conference was attended by industry professionals, food scientists, government officials, academics, and religious scholars from more than a dozen countries,

  • Turkey and Iran look past differences

    By Daren Butler and Babak Dehghanpisheh ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani agreed to boost trade and signed a slew of deals at a meeting Tuesday, but steered clear of directly addressing differences over conflict-ridden Yemen. Erdogan paid a one-day visit to Iran at a time when relations between

  • Homes of Refuge: Women’s Shelters in Afghanistan

    by Eric Wilson Women’s Voices Now I first experienced the capital city of Kabul in the spring of 2013 while serving in Afghanistan as a U.S. Army officer. Though I was not primarily deployed to Kabul, the short time I spent there made a lasting impression on me. Flying into the city, one cannot help

  • Karaz, sex 101 for the Middle East

    By Ashraf Alkiswani I remember sitting down with friends from different NGOs who were working on education programs in villages across Palestine while they told hilarious, yet truly horrifying stories about the ignorance they encountered during their work. Some women they were encountering were having child after child with no notion of how children were

  • A debate rages in India over conversion, secularism and ‘spiritual violence’

    A debate rages in India over conversion, secularism and ‘spiritual violence’

    By Murali Balaji Editor’s note: The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches. Follow RD on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates. Over the past few months, Indian and U.S. media have reported widely about right-wing Hindu groups’ plans to “re-convert” Muslim and Christians to Hinduism (and in some cases, Sikhism). Indeed, the so-called ghar wapsi (“homecoming or conversion”) effort has rung

  • Immense challenges face Muslim Nigerian president

    by Murray Last ISLAMiCommentary On March 28 General Muhammadu Buhari made history as the first ever opposition candidate in Nigeria to defeat a sitting president through democratic elections. On May 29, 2015 when he takes office, a peaceful transfer of power from Goodluck Jonathan, who ruled Nigeria from 2010 to 2015, is expected. Buhari is

  • Tens of billions potentially up for grabs if nuclear deal opens Iran economy to outside investment

    Tens of billions potentially up for grabs if nuclear deal opens Iran economy to outside investment

    By Andrew Torchia DUBAI, April 3 (Reuters) – Iranian investment banker Ramin Rabii says he shouted in joy when he learned that Tehran and world powers had reached a deal which promises to lift economic sanctions on Iran. Then he called colleagues to discuss the business implications. Rabii, managing director of Turquoise Partners, a Tehran-based

  • At least 147 killed, hundreds rescued at Kenyan university

    By Fredrick Nzwili  Religion News Service NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) Al-Shabab militants shot and killed more than 147, wounded dozens of others and held hundreds hostage Thursday (April 2) at Garissa University College in northeast Kenya. 500 of the hostages were reportedly rescued as the day went on, but it was unclear immediately whether the standoff

  • Muslim women fitness moguls prove faith and fitness coexist

    Muslim women fitness moguls prove faith and fitness coexist

      By Mahvish Irfan TMO Contributing Writer Treadmills. Barbells. And hijabs? Muslim women are entering the health and fitness industry like never before and making one statement loud and clear: faith and fitness can coexist. Nadine Abu-Jubara, President and Founder of Nadoona, a Muslim women’s fitness company, says she started Nadoona to redefine health and

  • Iran nuclear deal: the public opinion hurdles ahead

    Iran nuclear deal: the public opinion hurdles ahead

    By Ebrahim Mohseni The Conversation The marathon negotiations in Lausanne between Iran and six world powers have finally produced the framework for a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) regarding Iran’s Nuclear Program. President Obama called the deal “historic.” Many in Iran took to the streets to celebrate. But this, remember, is just a preliminary understanding. Now

  • World powers welcome Iran nuclear deal

    OnIslam & News Agencies LAUSANNE – In a breakthrough agreement, Iran and world powers sealed a deal outlining limits on Iran’s nuclear program that would put an end to 12 years of hardships faced by the Islamic Republic. “The political determination, the good will of all parties made it possible,” EU foreign policy chief Federica

  • Canadians hold negative image of Muslims

    By Muneeb Nasir OnIslam Correspondent TORONTO – Canadians continue to have a negative image of the country’s Muslims, according to an Angus Reid Institute poll released today. “The results paint a fascinating portrait of Canadians’ overall orientation towards various forms of the religious ‘other’,” noted the Angus Reid Institute. When Canadians were asked how they

  • Boko Haram & ISIS, virtual friends

    By Terje Ostebo The Conversation The Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram’s recent pledge of allegiance to ISIS has generated a wave of speculation about its significance. ISIS’s response was to release an audio tape purporting to welcome the pledge. In the rest of the world one dominant view is that ISIS and the jihadi front

  • Farkhunda: The daughter of Islam, the real martyr

    By Aslam Abdullah Recently, in Afghanistan a young girl by the name of Farkhunda was burnt alive by a mother who believed that she had torn the pages of the Quran in a holy place. No one checked the facts and the young girl was kicked, punched and burnt alive by a momb. How long

  • All is not lost in ISIS’s attempt to smash the past

    All is not lost in ISIS’s attempt to smash the past

    By Amy Gazin-Schwartz The Conversation The archaeological and historical communities are deeply dismayed about ISIS destroying archaeological sites and materials in the last few weeks. We have seen pictures of ISIS smashing statues and artifacts in the Mosul museum. ISIS soldiers have reportedly destroyed buildings at the ancient Assyrian cities Ninevah and Nimrud in Iraq.

  • Fawad Khan partners with Islamic Relief to promote Pakistan development

    by Atiya Hasan  browngirlmagazine.com Fawad Khan, star of the ravingly popular Pakistani drama “Humsafar” and the Disney Bollywood movie “Khoobsurat” has been touring the US for reasons that fall very much outside of the Bollywood genre. His recent partnership with Islamic Relief to promote Pakistan development has taken him to seven cities all over the US, that culminated

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