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  • Muslims living in tiny homes

    Muslims living in tiny homes

    By Mus’ab Abdalla and Sumaya Mehai There’s a saying that goes, “If there is room in your heart there will be room in your home.” Today we’re going to take you on a journey into our tiny yet nurturing home in Berkeley, California. You may have heard of the growing tiny home movement where people

  • Abercrombie pays $25K damages to hijabi woman

    Abercrombie pays $25K damages to hijabi woman

    OnIslam & News Agencies OKLAHOMA – Writing the final chapter in years-long case, Abercrombie & Fitch has dropped the appeal to a court ruling in favor of a Muslim woman in hijab, paying about $25K to settle the case. “Samantha Elauf’s persistence was a big part of this success,” Veronica Laizure, a civil rights attorney

  • Pakistani-American races on Belle Isle

    By Laura Fawaz TMO Contributing Reporter Detroit, MI–Nur Ali is the first Muslim and Pakistani American to become a professional racing driver. Last week he completed Red Bull’s Global Rally Cross at Belle Isle in Detroit. “When you’re a kid you want to be a football player, a baseball player, a racecar driver, so my

  • Muslims raise funds for Chattanooga victims

    OnIslam & News Agencies NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Cooperating with interfaith groups, leaders of the Muslim community in Chattanooga, Nashville, have launched a fundraising campaign for the victims of the latest attacks, sending an out loud message against these attacks as contradicting with Islam. “The Chattanooga families lost fathers, brothers, and sons in a deplorable act

  • Rabbi and Muslim make connection in God’s work

    By Laura Fawaz, TMO Contributing Reporter Novi, MI–Rabbi Avrohom Susskind made a connection with a local Muslim doctor that lead to the usage of his building for a new Jewish’s Center in Novi, free of charge. In 2005 Rabbi Susskind was in touch with the Jewish Federation, a partnership of various Jewish social agencies, educational

  • Michigan’s tasty Halal Fest planned

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan TMO contributing reporter Following its wildly successful debut last year when more than double the expected amount of attendees showed up, the second annual Halal Fest Michigan is primed to make an even bigger splash this year with even more folks turning out to sample the festival’s larger lineup of delicious

  • Hijabi journalist Noor Tagouri tells all

    Hijabi journalist Noor Tagouri tells all

    By Mahvish Irfan TMO contributing reporter Noor Tagouri is on fire. At the young age of 21, this successful journalist and motivational speaker has already been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network and given a TED Talk. In 2012, she launched a viral #letnoorshine campaign encouraging herself and others to fearlessly pursue their passion. Nearing

  • South Carolina takes down Confederate flag

    South Carolina takes down Confederate flag

    Nathaniel Cary and Doug Stanglin USA Today COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Confederate battle flag — a powerful symbol of slavery and the Old South that has roiled emotions in South Carolina for decades — was removed from the Statehouse grounds Friday (July 10) in a brief ceremony observed by thousands kept at a distance behind

  • Reverts’ first Ramadan: tests, rewards

    OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – Observing their first Ramadan ever, reverts to Islam find the holy month as both exciting and challenging, practicing a new set of religious, spiritual and social activities that distinguishes the holy month. “I was so excited for Ramadan to start. I’d read all about it but couldn’t wait to actually

  • Hijabi highschooler brings home best dressed award

    Hijabi highschooler brings home best dressed award

    By Zahra Haider As one of the largest and most diverse schools in New Jersey, Clifton High School pleasantly surprised many with its student vote of Abrar Shahin, a Muslim girl who wears hijab, as the “best-dressed” of Class of 2015. To Shahin the award represents something greater than a popularity contest. She was honored

  • LA Jews call for sanctions on Israel

    By Susan Schwartz TMO Contributing Writer LA Jews for Peace, a Los Angeles based organization committed to achieving peace in the Middle East, this week issued a policy statement which calls for United States government sanctions on Israel. Since its inception, LA Jews for Peace has called for a just negotiated resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian

  • At Ramadan, more companies accommodate Muslim employees

    By Julie Poucher Harbin Religion News Service An event earlier this month included a Ramadan quiz, a slideshow of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr commemorations, and a Pakistani and Mediterranean buffet dinner. But this was a not a meet-your-Muslim-neighbor event at the local mosque. It was the 13th annual multicultural Ramadan celebration for both Muslim and

  • IMANA brings medical care to needy worldwide

    By Aatif Ali Bokhari TMO managing editor The Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) is one of a handful of groups that has set up a clinic in Haiti catering to the needs of the people there. Arriving after the Haitian earthquake of 2010, IMANA established a mission in the village of Miragaone, about

  • My Halal Kitchen halalifies global cuisine

    My Halal Kitchen halalifies global cuisine

    By Mahvish Irfan TMO contributing writer No global cuisine has to be off limits because of halal dietary restrictions. Dishes that include alcohol and pork, the two main ingredients prohibited for consumption in Islamic tradition, can all be “halalified,” or substituted with wholesome, quality products that’ll make your mouth water. Yvonne Maffei, Founder of My

  • American Muslim nurses dispel misconceptions

    OnIslam & News Agencies WASHINGTON – Dealing with patients from different cultural and religious backgrounds, American Muslim nurses have been regarded as a forefront in correcting Islam image and dispelling misconceptions despite increasing anti-Muslim sentiments. “It’s using the faith to help me navigate those issues. I want to create a good outcome,” Najah Bazzy, a

  • ICNA billboards dispel misconceptions

    ICNA billboards dispel misconceptions

    OnIslam & News Agencies A new billboard campaign has been launched in Michigan to present the true message of Islam and to correct misconceptions wrongly affiliated to Islam following extremist attacks in France and the US. “In the fall of last year, we had a totally different theme planned for our 2015 campaign. We were

  • ADC lawyers counsel immigrants

    By Adil James TMO contributing writer A large community need has developed for Muslims around legal services.  Several not-for-profit organizations have attempted to cater to this important need, including especially CAIR and, with less fanfare, the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC).  The ADC held a workshop at the Islamic Cultural Association on Friday to provide

  • KinderUSA holds successful banquet fundraiser  

    By Susan Schwartz TMO contributing writer KinderUSA (Kids in Need of Development, Education, and Relief) held a highly successful banquet/fundraiser at a Middle Eastern themed restaurant in Los Angeles this past Sunday. The annual fundraiser was titled: Rebuilding the Lives of Children in Gaza. A capacity audience enjoyed a reception and dinner followed by an entertaining and

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