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  • Productive Muslim boosts performance by fusing Islamic teachings with modern tools

    Productive Muslim boosts performance by fusing Islamic teachings with modern tools

    By Mahvish Irfan From Joel Osteen Ministries to Deepak Chopra’s wellness workshops, modern spiritual sources dedicated to helping people add value and productivity in their lives abound, but is there anything catered specifically to the Muslim world? Yes. It’s Productive Muslim, a social enterprise committed to boosting productivity in the lives of Muslims everywhere. Using

  • Arizona faiths unite to reject Islamophobia

    OnIslam & News Agencies ARIZONA – The Tempe interfaith community joined forces over the weekend with the local Islamic center on its Open-Day event in a show of solidarity after it was targeted by the infamous hate preacher, Dean Saxton, a student at Arizona State University. Led by Saxton — also known as Brother Dean

  • ‘Pretend to be a Muslim’ school assignment OK?

    OnIslam & Newspapers Can assignments encouraging students to assume a new identity cultivate understanding and empathy? That was the goal one tenth grade history teacher had in mind when she assigned her world history class a five-paragraph point-of-view essay instructing students to write from the perspective of a male or female Muslim, identifying issues that

  • Ex-Blackwater guards convicted of manslaughter

    Ex-Blackwater guards convicted of manslaughter

    By Laura Fawaz TMO Contributing Writer Four former Blackwater employees were sentenced last week for a 2007 shooting in Iraq that killed 14 civilians. 17 civilians were killed in this shooting, though prosecutors did not believe that they have enough evidence to bring manslaughter charges on three of those 17 deaths. One of the former

  • Muslims to mark Earth Day with green khutbahs

    By Muneeb Nasir OnIslam Correspondent TORONTO – Marking the 45th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22), Muslims world-wide will participate in the Green Khutbah Campaign on Friday, April 24, 2015, with religious leaders delivering sermons to raise awareness on the environmental challenges facing humanity. “The theme of this year’s Green Khutbah Campaign is ‘Water –

  • Muhsen making mosques disabled-friendly

    Muhsen making mosques disabled-friendly

    By Mahvish Irfan While the masjid is supposed to upon its doors to all people, those who are handicapped might not even be able to fit through it—literally. There simply isn’t accommodation. In the vast majority of masjids and Islamic centers across the country, accommodation for disabled Muslims is scarcely considered. Whether the disablement is

  • Muslim girl accepted by all eight Ivy schools

    Muslim girl accepted by all eight Ivy schools

    OnIslam & News Agencies MINNEAPOLIS – An American Muslim girl from Minnesota has achieved a rare honor after being accepted by all 8 Ivy League schools, crowning a life of social and community activism on the local and international levels. “I was very surprised,” Munira Khalif, senior at Mounds Park Academy, told Fox 9 KMSP

  • Musallah app finds Muslims prayer spaces

    Musallah app finds Muslims prayer spaces

    By Mahvish Irfan Long gone will be the days that Muslims offer their daily prayers under dark staircases, cramped hallways and dangerous parking lots because they can’t find proper prayer areas throughout their work day. Musallah, a free iOS and Android app currently in the making, maps out nearby prayer areas to one’s location. It

  • US gets first veiled Muslim TV anchor

    US gets first veiled Muslim TV anchor

    OnIslam & Newspapers Driven by her childhood dream of becoming a journalist, a Muslim American woman aims to be the first-ever veiled anchor on commercial television in America, defying the stereotyped image of the Muslim women in the mainstream media. “I grew up knowing that I wanted to be a reporter… and basically have a

  • Student wins race relations prize

    Student wins race relations prize

    OnIslam & Newspapers Promoting cross-cultural understanding, an American Muslim high school student has been awarded the 2015 Princeton Race Relations prize for his outstanding work to advance the cause of race relations in New Jersey. “To promote cross-cultural understanding, and raise awareness for a dangerous trend that has unfortunately become ubiquitous among Muslim youth communities,

  • Leave your self-pity behind and work

    By Adil James TMO contributing writer The prominent charity Helping Hand International held a fundraiser Saturday evening in Romulus, hosting the noted guest speaker Imam Sohaib Webb. Helping Hand is a successful, devoted and legitimate charity that sought through its fundraiser Saturday night to raise money to support its programs to help the people of Syria in this very

  • Muslim girl pursues firefighting dream

    Muslim girl pursues firefighting dream

    OnIslam & News Agencies NEW YORK – Despite her petite frame, a New York young Muslim girl is pursuing her dream to be the city’s first-ever Muslim firefighter in the department, with spirits capable of overcoming challenges. “I want to see what the Fire Department New York’s (FDNY) has to offer,” Ahlam Ahmed, dressed in

  • ‘Semiotics of Islam’ corrects Muslims’ negative image

    OnIslam & Newspapers Defying the negative portrayals of Muslim in mainstream media, a new short film has been released to take on media’s misrepresentation of the religious minority. Titled “Semiotics of Islam”, the seven-minute film uses letters of alphabet to highlight words associated with Islam. “When we watch broadcast news, we’re thinking that it’s nonfiction,”

  • Connecticut College launches Islamic Studies program

    NEW LONDON,CT–A  new Islamic studies program multidisciplinary new major was approved by Connecticut College. The addition of global Islamic studies further strengthens the College’s reputation for excellence in international education, says Dean of the Faculty Abigail Van Slyck in a press release. “This is a ground-breaking program that leverages Connecticut College’s existing strengths in interdisciplinary learning to

  • Philadelphia faiths protest anti-Islam ads

    OnIslam & News Agencies PENNSYLVANIA – Showing solidarity with Philadelphia Muslim community after the city’s transportation authority approved anti-Islam ads, dozens of religious leaders took part in a rally that aimed to send a message of love to the religious minority. “We have to speak out against hate,” Bilal Qayyum, who reverted to Islam more

  • Grandma Obama speaks to TMO

    Grandma Obama speaks to TMO

    By Kiratiana Freelon Exclusive for The Muslim Observer When “Mama” Sarah Obama visited the New York City last year, she told an audience of 400 people that she had one request of her step-grandson, President Barack Obama—that he visit her in Kenya before he leaves office in 2017. Her request might soon be granted. This

  • Minnesota students try on hijab to get to know Islam

    OnIslam & Newspapers Setting the groundwork for a better community for Muslims on campus, a Muslim group in the University of Minnesota invited their colleagues to try hijab for a day to spread awareness about the importance of the Islamic veil in Islam. “They told us they don’t know why we wear hijab[s],” English and

  • Theologians claim death row inmate as their own

    Theologians claim death row inmate as their own

    By Sarah Morice Brubaker Editor’s note: The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches. Read more at www.religiondispatches.org. The story of Kelly Gissendaner has both showcased the promise of public theology—and spurred self-reflection among those of us who do it. Gissendaner is a Georgia woman who was sentenced to death in 1998 for conspiring

  • US Muslims team up with tech experts to counter ISIL

    OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – Leaders of the American Muslim community have been campaigning to counter militants’ use of social media and online recruitment to reach young Muslims, cooperating with tech companies to win over the hearts of youth. “It’s a battle of hearts and minds taking place online,” Yasir Qadhi, a Muslim scholar who

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