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National Feed The Hungry Day: October 28

Community Spotlight

by Humera Dasu Pious Projects of America, a not-for-profit charitable organization, started a campaign called Feed The Hungry in 2015. This project aims to get communities across

Sitti Soap: Spreading Hope Through Soap

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By Trisha Sales Established in 1968 as a result of the Arab-Israeli war, Jerash Camp is locally known as Gaza camp in Jordan. According to the United Nations Refugee Relief and Wo

Muslim activism Leads to Progress with Google Search

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by Tina Lapsia We all know that Islamophobia is a rampant issue in this country, especially as seen by the discriminatory rhetoric and legislation advanced by President Trump and

Free Speech and Security: Two Sides to a Three-Way Coin

by Saeed Khan Are universities bastions of free speech, safe spaces or are they the new battleground for competing forces on the political spectrum? The answer, of course, is th

Pakistani Women Reclaim the Streets by Getting on Bicycles

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by Fatima Ahmed Pakistani society, a male-dominated society, isn’t always a friendly and safe atmosphere for women living there. In fact, women often find themselves victims of

Pepsi Won’t Drive the Resistance but These Apps Can Help

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by Elizabeth Jaikaran This time around, at this point in history, the revolution is devotedly televised, meme-fied, and commodified. It is televised because our numbers are diffic

The Palestine Foundation Provides Funds to Help Palestinians Help Themselves

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by Susan Shwartz Throughout the civilized world, people of good will, people who place a high value on justice and decency, hold the beleaguered people of Palestine close to their

Muslim Teens Writes ‘#BlackLivesMatter’ 100 Times is Accepted to Stanford but Not Everyone is Happy

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by Hira Uddin Growing up desi, many youth trying to find their purpose in life can relate to hearing “you are not (insert an array of demeaning adjectives here) enough.” Young

#ANewBronxTale: Bronx Community Organizers Fight to Resist with Local Office

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by Nasif Khan On the brisk night of January 29th, 2017, a brief rally formed following an estimated 100 people outside a Bengali restaurant in the East Bronx, New York. On Starlin

Mercy-USA Continues On The Ground Humanitarian Relief in Syria

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by Kari Ansari of Mercy USA Poignant and forceful, Mercy-USA Field Team Manager, Zein Al Shamm, who had just escaped Aleppo, Syria spoke to an audience of close to 400 people Satu