Confronting Muslim Sectarianism

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by Imam Luqman Ahmad Muslim sectarianism is one of the greatest challenges for Muslims in this century. It affects Muslims worldwide and is responsible for much of the discord

Religious Diversity, Pluralism and Tolerance: The Islamic Perspective

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by M. Basheet Ahmed M.D. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, there has been a massive migration of people from the east to the west. Most of them migrated for economic

Ramadan, An Exercise in Self Control

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by Azher Quader The month of Ramadan comes and goes so fast, it always feels kind of short. As the moon-gazers and the calculators celebrate Eid on the same day, it is a wel

Manal Al-Sharif’s ‘Daring to Drive’ Sheds Light on What Life is like for Women in Saudi Arabia

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by Saadia Faruqi A recent memoir published in the United States has given a fresh look at the living conditions in one of the world’s most repressive nations: Saudi Arabia. Ma

Imams Refuse To Perform London And Manchester Attackers’ Funeral Prayers

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by Aysha Qamar In a powerful letter, more than 130 imams and Muslim religious leaders from the UK and other Western countries have said they refuse to perform funeral prayers fo

100s Gather in Front of Trump Tower to Break their Fast

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by Aysha Qamar Ramadan, a month of blessings and reflection consists of fasting from food and water from sunrise to sunset. At the onset of Ramadan on the 6th day, hundreds

17 Year old Nabra Hassanen’s Death Shakes the American Muslim Community to the Core

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by Aysha Qamar Another tragic death stuns the Muslim community as a body found in a pond is identified as 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, of Reston- Northern Virginia. Hassanen was

Anti-sharia Protesters are Selling Phantom Threats

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by Victor Ghalib Begg On June 10, an anti-Muslim group organized rallies in numerous cities across our country against the myth of creeping sharia. What is sharia, or Islamic

Indians and Pakistanis Share in Mob Violence Against Victims of their Definition of Blasphemy

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by Saeed Khan India and Pakistan will both be celebrating their 70th anniversary of independence from British rule this August. While the festivities are only a day apart, these

The Challenges of Being an Imam in America

by Imam Luqman Ahmad I’ve served as an Imam of a masjid for more than twenty years. During that time, I’ve made a basketful of observations based on my own experiences and t