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Raising a Confident Muslim-American Child in the Age of Islamophobia

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By Sabina Khan-Ibarra Raising a child is a difficult feat. Raising a brown child in America is even trickier. Raising a brown, Muslim child in America seems almost impossibl

What Parents Should Know About Concussions

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By Cindy Trowbridge This fall, the deaths of three high school football players were linked to direct head injuries on the field of play, and one collegiate football player’s de

Health Benefits of Fasting

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By Laura Fawaz, Contributing Reporter The holy month of Ramadan is the spiritual month in which Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown, as well as take the benefits of this month

Fatherhood Fraternity

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By Dr. Azher Quader To most of us who belong to this fraternity, membership comes pretty easy, with no fees,  in due course of time and almost always with plenty of anticipat

IONA Youth Outreach Program

By Adil James, TMO The audience pays close attention to Imam Mohammed Ishtiaq.     IONA hosted a

Does Everyone Need Advance Health Care Directives?

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By Adil Daudi Answer:  Yes.  Everyone should have advance directives in their estate plan.  Advance directives describe your specific treatment preferences in end

Rukhsana Khan’s Wins Award for her book ‘100 Great Children’s Books’

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Children’s author Rukhsana Khan’s latest book, Big Red Lollipop, has been named by named on the New York Public Library’s ‘100 Greatest Children’s

Aimen Syeda and Sarwat Siddiqui receive Upkar Foundation Scholarships

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Aimen Syeda of West Henrietta, New York and Sarwat Siddiqui of Staten Island, New York are among a group of five students to have been named the recipients of the Upkar Foundation

What Makes You Feel New?

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By Karin Friedemann, TMO The school year has begun, bringing order and discipline (or the need thereof) to families that had been enjoying the late night sluggishness of summer. T

Spring Cleaning

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By Karin Friedemann, TMO “Cleanliness is half the faith.” - Prophet Mohammed (s) Next to a clean conscience, there is almost nothing that makes a person feel more rel